Anticipated Windows Phone 7 platform-puzzler ilomilo to be AT&T-exclusive

Coming to mobile first, XBLA later

Anticipated Windows Phone 7 platform-puzzler ilomilo to be AT&T-exclusive
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Microsoft is busy showing off Windows Phone 7 today, and amongst the revelations is news that the anticipated puzzler ilomilo - the first of just two games shown off - will be an AT&T exclusive, hitting Windows Phone 7 before it hits Xbox Live Arcade.

ilomilo is a 3D puzzler in which you have to reunite two tottering lozenges by negotiating 3D shapes made up of cubes that float in space like inverted mazes. It's gained a lot of attention in the lead up to Windows Phone 7 thanks to its appealing toyshop visuals, which resemble the offspring of LittleBigPlanet and Psychonauts.

Pocket Gamer's own Mark Brown identified it as a game to watch when he compiled a list of ten most anticipated Windows Phone 7 games, and Microsoft clearly shares our enthusiasm for it.

ilomilo, which was originally developed for XBLA, will come to Windows Phone 7 first before arriving at its original home console destination. It'll be AT&T-exclusive in the US - we're not sure at this point whether it'll be available in the UK, where that operator doesn't operate.

Watch the trailer below to see ilomilo in action.

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