Icebreaker’s fast, frantic, and satisfyingly physical variation on ice hockey is exclusively available on the Xperia Play. Get your skates on, hit the ice and avoid getting the hit put on you!

| Icebreaker Hockey

“Icebreaker Hockey will be another smash hit for NaturalMotion” - Pocket Gamer

Developed by Digital Legends, Icebreaker Hockey pulls out all the stops in high-end Android gaming: smooth, life-like skating based on motion capture data from professional ice hockey players; crushing sidewall checks and takedowns powered by NaturalMotion's endorphin simulation technology; advanced OpenGL ES 2.0 techniques (such as mirror ice reflections) for stunning graphics.

Skate down the rink using the accelerometer. Spin and deke past opposing players for extra points. Sprint to storm forwards, or perform a hard stop to send your enemies into the wall. Press the showboat button to really rack up the points, and finish it all off nicely with a charged-up super shot. The goaltender won't know what hit him.