Gold Award-winning Icebreaker gets a new level pack inside the Kraken on May 7th

It'll arrive on Android then, too

Gold Award-winning Icebreaker gets a new level pack inside the Kraken on May 7th

I've been flinging adorable vikings around the insides of the Kraken for the past half hour.

Given that I lost track of time and spent longer playing the forthcoming level pack for the Gold Award-winning Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage than I intended, I'd say it's pretty darn good.

The vikings we all know and love get swallowed whole by the sea monster known as the Kraken (picture a giant octopus). It leads to a delightful slew of levels full of body parts to swing, push, and slice.

There are also jellyfish that shoot electric around them if you get too close. More electric needs to be avoided in later levels as entire walls and floors are charged up.

As you can imagine, this means you have to bounce the vikings on top of the jellyfish, or transport them in makeshift slides made of sticky caviar.

One of my favourite levels involves controlling the Kraken's heart with turbo boosters. You use it to knock the vikings so they swing to and fro on the ropes holding them up.

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Tougher levels have you drawing a spirit hand from special rocks that act as ropes for your vikings. Finding the perfect place to start and end your rope proves tricky.

There are also a bunch of half-consumed vikings to meet inside the Kraken who will help you construct a plan to escape from the beast's bowels.

Of course, this leads to many a joke made at their expense, as well as some amusing slapstick moments.

As we expected, the Kraken update brings more laughs, and a mix of fun and challenging physics-based puzzles to solve.

When the Kraken update arrives on May 7th for iOS, Icebreaker will also be available on Android for the first time. We'll remind you once again on the big day.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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