Paint the streets of Southern Florida red this spring with Hotline Miami for Vita

Violence begets violence

Paint the streets of Southern Florida red this spring with Hotline Miami for Vita
| Hotline Miami

Back in October 2012, indie developer Dennaton Games began talks with Sony about porting its ultra-violent PC hit Hotline Miami over to the PS Vita.

Good news, folks: the game's publisher, Devolver Digital, has just announced that Dutch dev Abstraction Games will be responsible for the Vita and PS3 versions of this award-winning title. Oh, and that they'll be out sometime this spring.

Hotline Miami, which has been downloaded more than 300,000 times, is a gory top-down murder-'em-up that's set in a neon-drenched Miami during the late '80s.

Your aim, then, is to complete a variety of missions that generally involve slaughtering people. Lots of people. Seriously, like so many people.

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At your disposal, you have a wide selection of melee, thrown, and ranged weaponry, as well as a variety of animal masks that boost your on-screen killer's skills.

"Our team have been fans of Hotline Miami from the very start and we are absolutely thrilled to have such a brilliant game launch on the PlayStation platform," Shahid Ahmad, SCEE's senior business development manager, said.

"The intense visuals and pulsing soundtrack are perfectly suited for PS3 and PS Vita and we can't wait for PlayStation fans to see what Hotline Miami is all about."

When it lands on PS3 and Vita, Hotline Miami will support Sony's Cross-Buy scheme, meaning you can buy it once for your PlayStation 3 or PS Vita and then play it on both devices.

Anthony Usher
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