Get help with N-Gage Creatures of the Deep

No need to carp on about your problems anymore

Get help with N-Gage Creatures of the Deep

We're still playing Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep on our N81: check our storming review to find out why. But after weeks of virtual fishing, we still wouldn't class ourselves as experts.

In fact, we sometimes feel like we're, ahem, floundering. If you're the same, fear not. Help is at hand courtesy of the game's developer, Infinite Dreams.

It's launched a dedicated help forum for Creatures of the Deep, which includes grid maps of the game's fishing resorts, and threads for asking your burning questions about the game.

So, you might wonder (as someone has) where you can find a sea turtle in Costa Rica, and someone else will post a reply telling you the exact map location to hang around in.

More of this sort of thing! Especially if it means someone will tell us how to hook the Loch Ness Monster…

The forum can be found here.