How to break out - Hellraid: The Escape complete walkthrough

Including puzzle solutions for chamber 1

How to break out - Hellraid: The Escape complete walkthrough
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Hellraid: The Escape is a dark and dingy puzzler, made by Shortbreak Studios to celebrate the upcoming Techland game, Hellraid.

While that next-gen game is a co-op slash-em-up, this is a more cerebral affair, with The Room-style puzzles littered throughout dungeons and torture chambers.

It can be tricky. So if you get stuck, consult this guide to find out exactly how to get through, and get out.

Oh, and in this guide we'll use the word "focus" a lot. That simply means to double tap on a section that is sparkling with gold to zoom in, so you can manipulate the environment.

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Tap repeatedly on the lid of the coffin to break out. Focus on the locked door in this room, slide the metal pin out of the ring, twist the lock down, and then tug it to the right to open the lock.

Hellraid The Escape

In the next room, look at the ball and chain, hanging to the left of the gate. Focus on it, and then pull down repeatedly to open the gate. When the gate is at its maximum height it will stay open and you can walk through.

Hellraid The Escape

Walk quickly past the fire pit. In the next room, look to the left and focus on the pots. Smash the largest pot to find a golden key. Pop it in your pocket and then walk to the pit. Focus on the thin bridge, and then make it over the chasm safely by tilting your device to the left and right.

Hellraid The Escape

At the end of the room, focus on the keyhole in the locked door. Drag the key from your inventory into the keyhole and then turn the key to unlock and open the door. Walk up the steps to complete the chapter.