Anda Seat Dark Demon Gaming Chair Review

Anda Seat’s Dark Demon Premium gaming chair series promises the best comfort range for anyone looking for a seat that complements their gaming habits alongside their work arrangements. “For Game, For Work” is the slogan that goes on its store page, and upon assembly, it is clear the chair tries to suit the best of both worlds.

Priced at $399.99, the chair comes disassembled and packed into a large box filled with plenty of plastic covering to ensure each part is safely delivered across long distances. It can actually be a little difficult to get everything out of the packaging unless you have a dedicated box cutter or utility knife on hand, but it’s wrapped in such a way that there’s no risk of damaging each part as you unload them.

There are eight steps in the instruction manual and having another person to help assemble the chair is advised. The first step can be very awkward, where I encountered a problem with lining up the screws that fit the base of the seat to the backrest. I’d manage to get one in perfectly, only to have to unscrew it because the one underneath was slightly off. This added a lot onto the build time, but in the off-chance this is a rare fault, you should expect to be able to put the whole thing together between 30 and 60 minutes.

So it’s not a difficult thing to build, it’s just that the parts can be a bit awkward to fit together. The instructions can be a little unclear and the screws don’t always fit the way you try to make them. Once it’s actually assembled however, the chair feels solid and robust.

The Dark Demon comes in two choices of colour: a mix of red and black or all-black. While most gaming chairs opt for a bright colour scheme to add a bit of personality to their brand, Anda Seat offers an all-black option for those who wish for the chair to double as a professional workplace seat. My review unit was the red and black one, but even with the bright colours on this chair, it isn’t obnoxiously ugly and fits in well with my home office space that I also use as my gaming area.

The best selling point of the Dark Demon is the versatility of its ergonomic design. The back can recline from 90 degrees all the way back to 160 degrees, allowing it to lock at any different position. It also has an adjustable tilt for increasing and decreasing tension by matching your body weight. As a bloke with a large frame (6’4”), finding a good chair to be comfortable in is pretty difficult but the Dark Demon fits my size perfectly.

This allows you to get into the right position for any activity you may want to, whether that's reclining back to play a game on your mobile phone or sitting upright at a desk on your computer. The Dark Demon feels like it's designed with all of this at the forefront of its mind.

The chair also comes with two mould pillows: an adjustable back rest and a headrest. Having tested the chair both with and without them, I can confidently say it’s a much more comfortable experience to keep them on as it fits the pressure of your body while also keeping your posture intact for when sitting up straight.

As for the armrests, they’re a mixed bag. They move in four dimensions, able to be lifted up and down, moved left-to-right and forwards-and-backwards, and can even be tilted slightly to allow you to adjust to a comfort level that is right for you. The hard surface leaves a lot to be desired, however, as it gradually digs into your elbows and arms during prolonged seating sessions.

This can sometimes result in a slight numbness sensation in the arms. It’s not dangerous, but it is uncomfortable. Attachable soft arm pads improve the situation somewhat, but Anda Seat does not offer this an option and you must seek these out elsewhere.

Anda Seat Dark Demon Gaming Chair Review

With its retail price of $399.99, the Anda Seat Dark Demon sits on the pricier side of gaming chairs. But in terms of overall comfort, it does an excellent job of allowing itself to adapt to different seating situations. Whether you wish to recline back and play a video game on your phone or instead sit forward and work at your desk, the chair manages to cover both bases with relative luxury. It’s just a shame the armrests leave a lot to be desired.