3G iPhone review

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However, to give you a quick taster before you click through.

In general...
"The iPhone 3G is an excellent handset with a few flaws. However, the experience of using it - the user interface itself - is still fantastic, and showing the way forward for its rivals."

"There's a valid question around whether 2G iPhone owners should upgrade yet, however, given that the really exciting thing is the iPhone 2.0 firmware and the App Store, which work on both 2G and 3G models. It may be worth waiting a month or two, to see what Apple releases on the software update front to correct any technical gremlins."

Ultimately though...
"The iPhone 3G as a gaming device. It's full of potential, and with millions predicted to be sold, you can expect developers and publishers to be pushing its boundaries in the coming months."

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3G iPhone review

Apart from some post-launch technical gremlins, the iPhone 3G is an excellent handset that is hugely promising in terms of mobile gaming