Hang Line tips and cheats - Everything you need to rescue people

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Hang Line tips and cheats - Everything you need to rescue people

Gotta save 'em all from an icy death

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Have you ever been trapped on the side of a mountain? The closest I've been to that is getting stuck in a queue during the Christmas market. Freezing cold, snow everywhere, emotionless snowmen staring at you from all corners, and only cheap booze to numb the pain.

Just like a crowded Christmas market, you sometimes need something to help get you through, and if you don't have booze, you'll need a saviour. And in Hang Line, you're the saviour. Yeah, I dropped the ball with this analogy a while ago.

Below are some Hang Line tips for rescuing people and, by extension, collecting items. Though, like a Christmas market, it'll be more fun if you go in with booze.

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Swinging straight through

Well of course you'll want to be swinging straight towards items and people you must rescue, also known as men in their 20s.

But the path you take will be important, especially with falling rocks and fragile snow being frequent, making climbing the mountain incredibly difficult.

Pick your path carefully and if the person you're rescuing is in an awkward place, ensure you have an escape route ready.

Coming round the mountain

Often those in need of rescue will be in awkward places, such as hiding away on the sides of the mountain where it's hard to reach.

This is where using your swinging momentum is valuable. You can swing outside of the confines of the mountain - somewhat - and from your outstretched position, fling your grapple hook up the side of the mountain to reach items and people.

It takes a little bit of getting used to but you'll adjust quickly and will soon be able to easily reach some of the most challenging parts of the mountainside.

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Bringing down rocks

When the paths get tight you'll have to work hard to get to where you want. Often, you'll find the way ahead completely blocked off to those who aren't willing to take risks.

Falling boulders and fragile falling snow are common on the more challenging peaks, and sometimes you'll have to purposely bring down rocks and collapse snow in order to open up the way forward.

Of course all you need to do is grapple on and bring things down, but this can cause a dangerous domino effect. Even worse, bringing down rocks is simple enough, but if you don't give yourself enough room to escape then you can bring them down right on your head, calling for an early game over.

Radar vision

When rescuing people, this is easily the most important gadget you can use, though it should be used sparingly. Simply, the radar will highlight where the next person to be rescued is on screen, allowing you to make it towards them at your own pace.

This is great, very useful, but there's one problem: gadgets are bought with premium currency. A true nightmare.

Everyone now and then you'll be prompted to use gadgets for free - or, in exchange for viewing an ad. It's a good option and can make difficult stages much easier.

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