Guitar Hero World Tour coming to mobile phones

Hands-On Mobile bags the global rights

Guitar Hero World Tour coming to mobile phones

Flush with the success of Guitar Hero III Mobile, Hands-On Mobile has signed a deal with Activision to follow it up with Guitar Hero World Tour.

Based on the upcoming console game of the same name, it's due out later this year, and has some rather exciting features.
Such as? Real-time multiplayer over the network, that's what. Plus an "interactive web companion" (translation: website) where players will be able to create profiles, check out high-score tables, and download new tracks for the game.

Oh, and matching its console parent, Guitar Hero World Tour will include drums as well as guitar for every song. And more handsets will support MP3-quality tunes for the game.

All of this, sadly, may well only relate to the US versions of the game. The game itself is sure to come to Europe, but we're crossing our fingers that the multiplayer and community elements make it too. Meanwhile, Hands-On will also be releasing a sequel to Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass, its recently-released (in the US, anyway) strategy spin-off.