Gravity Hook swings onto iPhone and iPad in New Zealand

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Gravity Hook swings onto iPhone and iPad in New Zealand
| Gravity Hook HD

Gravity Hook HD is out now in New Zealand for iPhone and iPad.

Based on a typing tutor game called Gravity Key, Gravity Hook was originally produced by Adam Atomic and Danny Baranowsky in August 2008, when it was received with mixed reviews - whilst the game itself was pretty good, the gameplay was considered far too difficult.

This latest re-release in HD on iPad and iPhone has been altered to include new graphics, sound, controls, and, most importantly, new gameplay.

The aim of this endless scroller is to help your civilian character (complete with robot outfit) escape a secret base underground as you grab onto various nodes suspended in mid-air in order to reach the farthest distance possible.

For fans of the original game, there’s an unlockable feature at 500m. We'll say no more.

Gravity Hook HD will be available at midnight in the UK on iPhone and iPad for £1.79.
Katie Henderson
Katie Henderson
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