Geometry Wars 3 hits Vita next week - free for PS Plus users

Throwing shapes

Geometry Wars 3 hits Vita next week - free for PS Plus users
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Glitzy twin stick shooter Geometry Wars 3 is coming to PS Vita next week. And it will be free to anyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Like the classic Xbox Live Arcade game, this is about snaking around a vector-art battlefield, blasting away at neon-coloured shapes. You also have to collect tiny green gems to boost your score.

Part three brings together the best modes (passive, waves, etc) from the old games, and adds a 100 level single player campaign with fancy new 3D play fields.


It's got the same eight-player competitive mode of the console versions. But the local co-op has been revamped so two players can work together on the same Vita. Each player uses one analogue stick.

We liked the iOS and Android version quite a lot, calling it "a great twin-stick shooter, that's absolutely packed with content".

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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