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Ready Set Goat

Developer: Subpixel
| Available on: iOS + Android

About Ready Set Goat

Goat bouncin' mayhem - stomp the creeps! Easy to learn, tricky to master. No ads, bad puns, cute art!

Think you can hop your way to the top of the leaderboard? Try to get 30 seconds, see if you're not hooked.

Battle wave after wave of fiendish foes in this hectic, non-stop, action-packed game! Creeps are causing trouble in the mountain goat's serene home. Send them back to where they came from! Ready Set Goat is a one-button game with retro roots, sure to be a fun and addictive challenge!

Last long enough and maybe you'll be the G.O.A.T of the Day, or even the All Time G.O.A.T!

Plus *no crummy ads*, pay-to-win purchases, or other nonsense. Just a fun game!

Ready Set Goat is a one-button game. Tap to jump. Tap in mid-air to double jump. Land on the creeps' heads to get rid of them.

How long can you survive?

20s - Just kidding around
50s - Not baaaad
100s - Wooly good
150s - Hard to bleat
200s - Unherd of
500s+ - Greatest Of All Time?