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Available on: iOS


Lure is a game about movement. Designed for people who love the crisp simplicity of arcade games combined with modern design principles.

It is a game with very simple controls, that take time to master. You will lure your enemies into traps in no time, mastering new mechanics as they are gradually introduced will take time.

After completing the game, challenge yourself further with NewGame+ where you replay previous levels under a time constraint to get the highest ratings.

At Uprooted Software we believe in increasing accessibility. Lure has multiple accessibility features such as altering game speed, audio volumes, visual styles and controlling input areas. We aim to make the game as comfortable to play as possible, because your enjoyment is paramount.

Lure features music by Melodrive Inc. They have handcrafted layers of music that blend seamlessly with the game state, delivering a dynamic soundscape for your play-through.