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PG Awards 2021 Nominee!

Retro Drive

Publisher: Retro Drive Studio
| Available on: iOS

About Retro Drive

Driven by determination and an inspired Synthwave soundtrack, turn the volume up, put the pedal to the metal, and race to catch up with your pals!
Retro Drive is a driving game with a cool retro 80s vibe. The style and feel of the game derives from the Retro Wave aesthetic, referencing iconic elements such as neon glows, muscle cars, speedsters and of course 80s references. The gameplay involves driving through Retropolis, overcoming various challenges, all to an unforgettable Synthwave soundtrack.

Developed by a small team of indie devs after 2 years of evenings and weekends, among with creative individuals that had a strong passion to make games. The devs being a massive synth/retro wave fans themselves, decided they wanted this to be a homage to the Synthwave/ Retrowave genre.

- 10 complete levels, with pure to the heart synth - designed specifically just for Retro Drive.
- 5 customisable rides (2 on launch, 5 total after launch)
- Unique 80s inspired story.
- Jukebox to listen to the awesome synth music! Soundtrack will be available at