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Bridge Strike

Available on: iOS + Android


Get behind the controls of our plane and fight for peace. You are our last hope!

Far, far away, there was a land where the tidiness lasted for many years...

Our secret service reports on the great enemy forces that are going towards our border. We must answer strongly and take them by surprise.

Be invisible to the enemy who lurks everywhere.

The mission takes place in glens where the river flows.
A collision with rocks or enemy units is always deadly for our aircraft. The task is to destroy enemy units visible on the game map. Some enemy units cannot be destroyed with rockets, so you simply have to avoid them. Sometimes there appear islands connected by a bridge which must be destroyed.

The player get points for all destroyed objects. When last aircraft crashes, the game ends.

The goal of the game is to fly in a glen to avoid detecting our aircraft by a network of enemy radars. It will not be a simple task, the enemy has arranged many dangerous units ready to thwart our plans.",

The enemy has a large range of various weapons, from ordinary patrol boats to complex automatic rocket systems. Fortunately, your aircraft has been equipped with the latest technological achievements in the form of endless rockets.

Rockets combined with your great pilot skills will help you achieve your goal and reach the last bridge.

Bridge Strike has stunning old school pixel graphics, a dedicated chiptune soundtrack and SFX and features several types of terrain across diverse and demanding missions.

Main features:

- RAID mission - destroy as many bridges as possible and try to survive
- CAMPAIGNS mode - various missions with specific tasks to complete
- different locations
- various dynamic weather conditions like sunny, snow, snowstorm, rain, rainstorm etc.
- dynamic time of day (day/night etc).
- lots of enemies to destroy
- great music and sfx
- many hidden funny stuff

Project R3D is a small group of game enthusiasts. We are 100% independent indie games studio. Studio producing games by fans of games for game fans.

Good luck!