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Developer: Evil Laugh Games (iPhone)
Publisher: Evil Laugh Games (iPhone)
| Available on: iOS

About Prose with Bros

"Prose With Bros could be the next hit iPhone game...its appearance on the App Store shows there is still room for innovation." - The Guardian

"Prose With Bros is irresistible: the interface is clean and simple, voting is snappy, and the algorithm producing each game's jumble of words delivers perfectly innocent but eminently corruptible English every time. If you don't like it, stick a finger in your lederhosen, fat man. Oops, hidden priest!" - Edge Magazine

"Words With Friends is no fun by yourself, but Prose With Bros is an absolute riot either way." - AppAdvice

Welcome to Prose with Bros, the first ever multiplayer competitive fridge poetry game (we've since discovered this isn't true, but whatever it's a good opening line).

Prose with Bros is sort of like those fridge magnets you use to leave dirty sentences for your roommates. If only your fridge could talk and was connected to the internet so you could play against people around the world (side note: that fridge would be awesome).

You can challenge your friends (or enemies) to a game, or just hop in with a random opponent. You both get the same 50 words to make a sentence. Who wins? Let the mob decide! 12 hours of online voting by the rest of the world will determine if you’re totally more awesome than your friend (like you keep telling them).

Over 3000 words in the game, with more being added every day, all with built-in voice playback! Feeling poetic? Funny? Dirty? Random? Offensive? (please don’t be offensive)

• Twitter! Tweet funny sentences from within the game.
• Facebook Connect! Challenge people from your friends list and blind-vote on your friends games.
• Push notifications inform you when you’ve received a new game.
• Recent opponents are saved so you can quickly challenge them to a rematch.
• Pass and Play mode lets 2 people compete on a single device.
• Swap between different forms of a word to make your sentence just right.
• Full punctuation support in every sentence.
• Vote on other player’s games and keep track of your own live voting results.
• Send kudos to other players for making you snort, chortle, or guffaw!