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Developer: Imangi Studios (iPhone)
Publisher: Critical Thought Games (iPhone)
| Available on: iOS


"It is officially the most addicting game in the App Store, and maybe any game I’ve ever played!" - appadvice

"Do not hesitate. You will not regret it. This game is an exceptional experience that sets the new benchmark for iPhone games to be judged by."- The Portable Gamer

"5 Stars!" - The App Data

"The Perfect iPhone Game!" - fidgit

"Welcome to the new casual gaming sensation!" - the APPERA

"An obscenely low price for a 5-Dimple must-have!" -- App Smile


Get ready for geoSpark – a collaboration between the acclaimed developers of geoDefense and Harbor Master. It’s the fastest game on the App Store!

An assortment of colorful neon Sparks are flying across the screen, and it’s your job to prevent any two different Sparks from colliding. Chain similar Sparks together by dragging them with your finger. The more Sparks you eliminate at a time, the more points you get.

But be careful! As your chain gets longer, your finger becomes a gravity well that draws all nearby Sparks inwards, adding even more entropy to the mix.

Be on the lookout for bonus Sparks with special powers – they’re the key to mega success. See how high you can score, then brag to your friends via OpenFeint!

geoSpark: all the spectacle and style you expect from the geoDefense series, with the addictive, casual gameplay of Harbor Master.

Thanks from Critical Thought Games and Imangi Studios!