Hard Lines dev asks Kickstarter community to help fund Fist of Awesome

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Hard Lines dev asks Kickstarter community to help fund Fist of Awesome
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Silver Award-winning Hard Lines developer Nicoll Hunt has taken to website Kickstarter to fund his new mobile game, Fist of Awesome. We first told you about this game all the way back in May.

For those of you with the memory of a dementia-suffering goldfish, Fist of Awesome is a rather excellent-looking side-scrolling beat-'em-up that features pixel-art graphics and grizzly bears that love to punch you in the chops.

In this adventure you jump into the dirty jeans of a time-travelling lumberjack called Tim Burr (oh dear), and attempt to save the planet from waves of homicidal wild animals.

Think Streets of Rage with more deer and fewer pipe-wielding thugs.

Hunt needs to raise £5,000 within the next 29 days in order to fund his game.

If you're interested in donating, you can pledge a single pound and get your name in the game's credits. Pledge £5 and you'll also get a free copy of the game on either iOS or Android when it's released.

An extra tenner will bag you all of the above and a DRM-free copy of the game's soundtrack.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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