Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is celebrating the holidays with new events, skins and decorative items

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is celebrating the holidays with new events, skins and decorative items

The holiday season has come to Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier! Ateam Entertainment and Square Enix have a host of special limited-time Christmas-themed events planned for the battle royale. Midgar is getting a whole new Christmassy look as well! Enjoy The First Soldier’s first winter season until 2:00 UTC, Tuesday, December 28th.


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A new home screen that can be decorated with a lot of ornaments will welcome you back to the game. For a limited time, you can revamp it with a Christmas tree decorated by ornaments like baubles, snowflakes, ribbons, and stars. Decorate the rest of the area with wreaths and mistletoes and embrace that holiday spirit!

How do you get these ornaments? Jump into the battle royale and decorate trees in-game to obtain Holiday Boxes. These have a chance to contain trinkets you can use to beautify the home screen. Start by accepting an event-exclusive order, then locate an undecorated Christmas tree on the map and shower it with Christmas love! Your prize is the Holiday Box and other rewards!

Midgar has also embraced the holiday spirit by decorating all its iconic locations. The Seventh Haven has been filled with Christmas ornaments, balloons, and lots of fairy lights, there is light snow in Sector 5 Undercity, the Hazard Zone like its name suggests is experiencing a full-blown blizzard, and there’s Christmas trees all around. Hop into the game and enjoy the winter wonderland the map has become.

Lots of holiday-themed items are up for grabs as well. Complete your holiday mission checklist for limited-time rewards like skins, emotes, and banners. New wintery skins are also coming to The First Soldier. Dress up as the Holiday Deliverer or Snowmoogle, and also gift your Chocobo a bridle and reindeer sack! The Shinra packs will also feature an exclusive Holiday Cactuar skin.

Celebrate Christmas by being the last person standing on Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. The game is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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