Looking to get a job? Get 26 of 'em when Final Fantasy V comes to Android on September 26

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Looking to get a job? Get 26 of 'em when Final Fantasy V comes to Android on September 26
| Final Fantasy V

Good news, Android-owning JRPG enthusiasts - the Silver Award-winning Final Fantasy V will make its way to Google Play on September 26.

This information comes from no less a source than Square Enix Europe's official Twitter although, curiously, the Square Enix USA Twitter hasn't confirmed the release across the pond just yet.

The recent mobile release of Final Fantasy V features updated graphics and character portraits while retaining the 16-bit aesthetic of the original. Happily, it also sports a new translation which cleans up the "Princess Salsa" issue of the 2011 PSP release.

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Final Fantasy V is a deep, turn-based Japanese RPG that reintroduces the job system from Final Fantasy III. This flexibility allows you to change your character classes on the fly and create a party that's custom-tailored to your play style.

In our review of Final Fantasy V, we said it was "the perfect time capsule for showing just how fun JRPGs could be in the early '90s." even if it lacks the complex plot and immersive world of later entries.

We've reached out to Square Enix USA to see if we can get confirmation on the stateside Android release, and we'll keep you updated if we hear back.

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