Final Fantasy Tactics PSP named and Euro dated

Revamped as The War of the Lions, Square prepares for a tactical October launch

Final Fantasy Tactics PSP named and Euro dated

We're beginning to wonder if there are any games in the Square Enix back catalogue that haven't been tagged for either a DS or PSP remake. When it comes to 1997's highly praised PSone role-player Final Fantasy Tactics however, we're all for bringing the past back into focus.

For one thing, Tactics broke the traditional Final Fantasy battle system, replacing it with a proper movement grid, allowing you to position your characters in tactical formation. Also adding to the required strategy was the inclusion of the extensive character job-system - including Summoners, Black/White Mages, Monks, Dragoons, etc – last seen in Final Fantasy V.

And so to the renamed, PSP remake (deep breath) Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

Boosted by the addition of two new character classes – Onion Knight and Dark Knight – there are now 22 in total, which through the game's levelling up system opens up the possibilities of over 400 abilities. New items, an increase in party size, and new characters (including sky pirate Balthier from Final Fantasy XII) are also thrown into the mix. The game will gain a graphical makeover, too, with cel-shaded and voice-overed cinematics replacing the original FMV.

As for the much rumoured multiplayer modes, these will include both co-operative and versus options. Versus will split warring teams into red and blue sides, with the winners being the team with the most remaining health points after the set number of rounds have passed. They will be rewarded with treasures including rare items useful in the single player game.

The typically-convoluted Final Fantasy plotline of The War of the Lions remains much the same as in Final Fantasy Tactics, concerning, as it did, the kingdom of Ivalice. Told in retrospect by a historian trying to piece together what occured, it follows the civil war between Duke Goltana of the Black Lion and Duke Larg of the White Lion over which of the fallen king's young children will take the vacant throne.

Into this conflict, players take the role of Ramza, part of a noble but fallen family of knights, who joins up with a mercenary group trying to protect Princess Ovelia from the chaos around her. Cue the falling out of childhood friends, the hoarding of magical stones, large-scale battles, excommunication from the church, and hours of intrigue and deceit. Still if you've got the stomach for the fight, it sort of all turns out okay in the end.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions will be released in Europe during October.