Square Enix announces Japanese release of Final Fantasy III for the PSP

Enter, the Onion Knight

Square Enix announces Japanese release of Final Fantasy III for the PSP

Final Fantasy III – the last of the primary Final Fantasy titles released in the west – will make its way to the PlayStation Portable in September.

While Square Enix hasn't mentioned if the game would make its way to Europe or America.

The choice of platform is a strange, as the PSP is well on its way out, but the game should be playable on the Vita once it is downloaded from the PSN.

Stranger still is the fact that the PSP release is essentially a port of the 2006 DS version, combined with a few additions from the 2011 iOS version mixed in with some altogether new features making it a unique game in its own right.

No Terra in this FFIII

Based on a trailer posted on Andriasang, the upcoming PSP version will have its 3D graphics and gameplay bookended by impressive FMVs created for the 2006 DS version that highlight art director Ryosuke Aiba’s creative vision for the game.

The upcoming PSP release of Final Fantasy III will offer support for a 16:9 ratio, along with an added "auto battle" mode that will double the speed at which battles are conducted to help make level grinding a bit easier.

Additionally, the PSP version will feature an option to switch between the updated soundtrack and the original Famicom/NES music.

We will keep you updated with news concerning a western release of Final Fantasy III for PSP / PS Vita if and when it is available.

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