Final Fantasy III now questing on Android, costs £10.99

Costs what now?

Final Fantasy III now questing on Android, costs £10.99
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Square Enix has rather stealthily slipped Final Fantasy III [buy] onto Google Play for £10.99.

Yes, £10.99. Ouch.

In Square’s defence, Final Fantasy III is one of the most well-regarded of the series, featuring the (then) innovative job system that would go on to define the majority of FF releases that followed.

Not the last

This Android version appears to be a port of the iOS re-release, although the description does mention that it features ‘story sequences only for Android’.

Final Fantasy III managed to snag a Pocket Gamer Silver Award when it arrived on iPhone, and it certainly doesn’t lack for content - you’ll still get your money’s worth if JRPGs are your bag, that’s for sure.

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