Final Fantasy III for iPad goes live on the New Zealand App Store

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Final Fantasy III for iPad goes live on the New Zealand App Store
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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III for iPad has just hit the New Zealand App Store, meaning that it’ll be available to US and UK customers tomorrow.

Featuring the same 3D makeover as the iPhone version, Final Fantasy III for Apple’s 9.7-inch tablet once more tests your role-playing chops in a bid to restore light to the world.

As one of the four orphan children Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus, you must do battle in turn-based confrontations or just run away, if you’re feeling particularly cowardly that morning.

Job for life

Final Fantasy III was, of course, a landmark release in the series, debuting the job-change system that would prove seminal for the genre.

According to the game’s description, Final Fantasy III boasts a “user interface optimised for iPad play”, so those with large thumbs can rest easy.

Our very own Tracy Erickson awarded the iPhone iteration of Final Fantasy III a Silver Award upon review last month.

Final Fantasy III for iPad is available on the New Zealand App Store now, and will launch everywhere else at around midnight for £9.99 / $16.99 / €13.99.
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