Final Fantasy III coming to iPad on April 21st


Final Fantasy III coming to iPad on April 21st
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Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy III to to the iPad this week.

The game already received a 3D makeover for last month's iPhone version, and is now rocking its new look on tablet too.

Originally released in 1990 for the NES, Final Fantasy III follows a party of young adventurers in search of the four crystals of light.

It was the first Final Fantasy game to introduce the now famous job system, which lets you give your heroes specific job-based buffs, such as the thief's 'steal' ability.

Tracy Erickson gave Final Fantasy III an impressive Pocket Gamer Silver Award when he reviewed the iPhone version last month.

It's out for iPad on the 21st of April, priced £9.49 / $15.99 / €12,99.

Richard Meads
Richard Meads
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