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3 reasons to play Figment: Journey into the Mind by Bedtime DG, available for iOS, Switch & more

Changing your mind

3 reasons to play Figment: Journey into the Mind by Bedtime DG, available for iOS, Switch & more
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What does the inside of your mind look like? The reality probably isn’t as pretty as Figment, the latest creation from Bedtime DG. This award-winning puzzle-action game plunges you into a surreal world of interconnected floating islands, rickety contraptions and some rather eccentric residents — all housed within someone’s head. It’s a quirky, musical affair that’s all about restoring peace to an unsettled mind. Here are three reasons you should get it now on iOS, Switch, Steam or Playstation.

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Creative concept

In Figment, you take control of Dusty and his trusty winged companion, Piper. They live in the subconscious of a mind once at peace. With nightmarish thoughts creeping in, Dusty and Piper must find a way to restore order and banish the baddies, using brains and brawn. There are two main areas within the game, which represent the left and right sides of the brain. The Freedom Isles reflect the right side, the part of the brain which deals with creativity, musicality and imagination. As such, the puzzles you’ll encounter require more lateral thinking to solve. The Clockwork Town, meanwhile, represents the left side, the part of the brain that deals with science, numbers and language. This is where you’ll have to engage your more logical side to crack puzzles.

Sound design

Music is a central part of Figment. There’s an extensive soundtrack to enjoy, with moods and tempos changing as you move to different parts of the map and encounter new characters and puzzles. In the Freedom Isles segment, especially, music is woven into the environment, with plants and bridges made out of accordions, lutes and brass instruments — all tooting and strumming away by themselves. The sound design gives you a real sense of immersion in this weird world; as you run from island to island, everything seems to creak and shuffle in the wind. Windmills squeak, plants loudly puff out projectiles and your wooden sword makes a satisfying thwack. Figment is also fully voice acted, with lots of lighthearted dialogue adding a ton of fun and character to the game.

Surreal graphics

Figment’s visuals are a major draw, and central to bringing its quirky concept to life. Both the Freedom Isles and Clockwork Town are strewn with surreal nods to the functions of the mind, from platforms made of clock gears and giant books to trees with ears. Everything is given a soft, painted look, and seems to be in motion. The result is a universe which looks equal parts Dali painting and whimsical children’s fairytale. Even when you’re mulling over which valve you need to turn or button you need to press to solve a puzzle, it’s enjoyable just watching the puffy snail-shell clouds drifting by in the background. Character designs are also appealing, from red-nosed, blue-tailed Dusty to the Tim Burton-esque enemies, all given the same surreal touch as the environment.

Solve puzzles, beat bosses and save the mind in this vibrant adventure puzzle game. You can download Figment: Journey into the Mind now on iOS, Switch, Steam and Playstation.