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Xsolla launches a Wallet with monetization features for developer and creators

Xsolla launches a Wallet with monetization features for developer and creators

While some developers may have a natural money sense when it comes to their earnings, not everyone is financially savvy - especially when all they really want is to make a great game. The same is true for content creators who love engaging with their community without the painful process of managing all the numbers - which is where the Xsolla Wallet swoops in to save the day.

Monetisation without the stress

With its seamlessly embedded finance solutions, the Xsolla Wallet offers developers and creators painless integration of their finances to keep challenges on engagement at bay. In particular, the service provides a simplified process so that developers and creators can create their masterpieces without having to worry about complicated financial nitty-gritty and global compliance issues.

"By bringing together our expertise and the Xsolla Wallet's embedded finance functionality, we are bringing developers and creators together in an unparalleled financial ecosystem tailored for video games," says David Stelzer, President of Xsolla. "We aim to provide an equal opportunity for every developer, creator, and influencer to have fast and secure access to ways to monetize their work in the global creator economy."

Effortless money matters

Developers can take advantage of the integrated KYC (Know Your Customer) and tax interview services from the Xsolla Wallet. They can also attract and manage influencers with the Xsolla Partner Network (XPN). Creators, on the other hand, can pay and get paid as well as manage their earnings with the Xsolla Mastercard.

"As a long-standing supporter of the video gaming community, Mastercard is thrilled to continue building on our partnership with Xsolla, delivering choice and value to creators and developers alike with the launch of the Xsolla Mastercard," says Sherri Haymond, EVP, Global Digital Partnerships at Mastercard. "Together we’re enabling convenient, seamless payment options that add tools to developers’ toolkits, help solve challenges for creators and foster an inclusive gaming community for all."

Simple solutions for global gamers

With Xsolla's suite of services, developers and creators can focus on boosting the gaming community with better and more efficient monetisation options. Particularly, the Xsolla Wallet's team-up with Paysafe and Mastercard adds more value for developers everywhere - a feat you can expect from the global video game commerce company that supports miHoYo, Valve, NetEase, Twitch, KRAFTON, Roblox, Epic Games, and more.

"We are proud to strengthen our partnership with Xsolla to provide value and exceed customer expectations with our payment solutions, further enhancing gamers' playing and payment experience globally," says Aaron Gale, VP of Sales & Account Management, Video Games at Paysafe. "Every gaming experience starts with a payment, and we are dedicated to turning these transactions into part of the overall experience, to fuel the fun and champion customer engagement and loyalty."

Ready to empower your monetisation with Xsolla? Head on over to the official website to learn more.