Upcoming iPhone games: Great Big War Game, The Dark Knight Rises, and more

The most exciting iPhone and iPad games on the horizon

Upcoming iPhone games: Great Big War Game, The Dark Knight Rises, and more

Every Friday, we like to finish off the week by looking ahead and talking about the iPhone and iPad games that are just over the horizon.

It's been a busy ol' week for iOS gaming. The biggest birds on the App Store took flight again, as Tiny Wings received a generous free update, and Angry Birds maker Rovio launched Amazing Alex.

Next week, we'll see another follow-up to a firm fan favourite go live on Apple's digital emporium, as Great Little War Game goes Big. We're also expecting a huge movie tie-in from Gameloft, and something completely different with the brain-busting Synesthetic.

Note: Dates, prices, and features are subject to change at the whim of the developer and Apple's approval team. Dates were correct at time of publication.

Great Big War Game
By Rubicon - out on iPhone and iPad on July 18th (source)


If the name wasn't a complete giveaway, Great Big War Game is the sequel to Great Little War Game - a Silver Award-winning title we praised for its "cute 3D visuals, infectious humour, and engaging gameplay" in our review.

This follow-up is a turn-based strategy game, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Nintendo's fantastic Advance Wars series. It's got land, sea, and air units; fog of war battles; bases to invade; and commanders to squabble with.

Missions generally involve destroying enemy headquarters, evacuating generals from the battlefield, and surviving until rescue arrives. Victory, of course, relies on a smart mix of attack and defence.

Once you've cleared the 50 campaign missions, you'll definitely want to check out the multiplayer options. I mean, the game's got two modes that are perfectly suited to turn-based games: pass-the-handset, and asynchronous online (which means you can quit the app while your opponent mulls over its next attack).

Great Big War Game developer Rubicon says the game will hit iPhone and iPad (and Android, if you're so inclined) on July 18th. It will feature in-app purchases if you want to buy new maps to fight on.

The Dark Knight Rises
By Gameloft - coming to iPhone and iPad on July 20th (source)

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We've been known to be a bit wary of Gameloft games, but after pinning a Silver Award on its mobile treatment of The Amazing Spider-Man, we're cautiously optimistic about this TDKR tie-in.

Then again, it's not like we've got much choice. This is the only spin-off for Christopher Nolan's upcoming Batman flick, after all. Sorry, console owners.

You'll play as the Dark Knight, obviously, as you dispatch Bane's henchmen in a series of missions. You'll be dealing with hostage situations, bomb squads, jailbreaks, and car chases over a lengthy storyline. Plus, the city is brimming with random quests.

The Caped Crusader's got loads of gadgets and gizmos to fiddle with. His grapnel lets him zip across the city, while his trusty Batarang can knock out enemies from afar. If nothing else works, you can 'resort' to a full-on fighting system for beating up criminals the old-fashioned way.

Best of all, the game lets you explore the entire city of Gotham, including all its different districts. You can go on foot or by Batpod, and hunt for collectible items that will unlock new skills and moves.

By Alex Dantis - coming to iPhone and iPad on July 19th (source)

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As in Audiosurf and Beat Hazard, Synesthetic makes your music library the star of a game. In this psychedelic head trip, your dubstep collection or hip hop archive determines the bends and twists of a roller coaster track.

The actual gameplay consists of twirling around the track, avoiding obstacles, and collecting rings. Simple stuff, but the speed and difficulty are entirely dependent on the tempo and pace of your chosen song.

The game comes from indie developer Alex Dantis, whom you might (not) know from critter-crunching title Adorable Scapegoats. He calls his latest game a "psychedelic mash-up of Audiosurf, Proun, and Boost", and it's out on the 19th.

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