Unboxing Ouya

What's inside the unconsole box?

Unboxing Ouya

After its impressive Kickstarter, now the hard work begins for Ouya.

The Android-based unconsole is now available in the US, Canada and UK for $99/£99 at online retailers such as Amazon and stores like GameStop and GAME.

Another box for me to open then.

Personally, I've always been somewhat skeptical about Ouya's business model, but that's an article for another time.

But in terms of the £99 I've just spent, I'm certainly impressed with the physical nature of what you get. Both unconsole and controller have a high quality look and feel.

Even picking them up is a pleasant experience, thanks to the metal finish which makes them cool to the touch. They also feel robust; no cheap and cheerful knock-off these.

So to the photos...

The retail box is well-designed and looks great

Slip case off, revolution about to begin

Looking sleek and metallic

Out of the box; both controller and unconsole are surprisingly heavy and with a high production finish. The metal coatings also make both feel cool to the touch.

The uinconsole itself is not to small, not too large

Ports present and correct: power, HDMI, ethernet, micro-USB and USB

The controller still looks a little weird with its elongated arms, but the sticks and buttons are firm and responsive

You do have to take off the metal covers to put in the batteries

Here's the complete selection of what you get

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