Top best 10 Android games of March 2013

Magic, golf, towel fights, and quirky shooters

Top best 10 Android games of March 2013

Is it just us, or was March a particularly strong month for Android games? February might have had a couple of stand-out titles, but the general standard in March was really strong.

As if to prove that point, let's look at some of the best Android games of March 2013.

In case you're new to this feature, here's how it works: we take a look back at our own Android reviews section from the past month. We also take a peek at the Quality Index boards, and feed in any interesting titles that have caught our attention during the month.

Of course, this list is far from definitive, so please do provide your own favourite Android games of the month in the comments section below.

By Paradox Interactive - buy on Android

This novel take on the side scrolling brawler has more brains than your average old school beat 'em up. The novelty comes from the way that you - as a mage-in-training - can create your own magic cocktails.

And we're not talking about mixing a mean old fashioned.

Rather, you can play around with combinations of fire, lightning, earth, ice, and more to create some pleasingly creative - and always destructive - results. Good fun.

Super Stickman Golf 2
By Noodlecake - buy on Android

More crazy golf brilliance from the Noodlecake team. As with the first game, the goal is to introduce ball to hole in as few hits as possible using a simple control system.

You set your angle and time your stroke so that you get just the right amount of power, and call on your growing arsenal of power-ups when things get hairy.

And believe us when we say things WILL get hairy. As ever, the stars of Super Stickman Golf 2 are the wacky course designs that have you smiling and cursing in equal measure.

Switch Galaxy
By Atomicom - buy on PlayStation Mobile

You need a PlayStation Certified Android device to run Switch Galaxy, but as that includes a bunch of Sony devices and a handful of HTC handsets, we'll let it slide.

Especially considering how good Switch Galaxy is. Which is "very".

It's an augmented version of iOS and Android game Switch, which is essentially a 3D endless runner styled like a futuristic racer. This version is slicker, better looking, and simply more fun than Switch. If you can get it, get it.

Plasma Sky
By Spikepit Games - buy on Android

After dodging oceans of ordnance in so many bullet hell shooters, it's refreshing to get a classic 2D shmup like Plasma Sky.

You still have to blast waves of enemies with your little auto-firing craft, but the pace is a little more sedate and it's more about pattern recollection than split-second reactions and pixel-grazing finger-gymnastics.

It looks very pretty, too.

Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny
By Butterscotch Shenanigans - buy on Android

What a ridiculous game Towelfight 2 is. Ridiculous and wonderful.

It's like The Legend of Zelda's scruffy, gun-slinging half-brother. The one the rest of the family refuse to talk about or invite to get-togethers in case it soils the airing cupboard or punches the dog.

It's a free-scrolling top down adventure and a twin-stick shooter rolled into one, with a healthy dose of surreal humour stirred in. Look, just play it.

Heroes of Destiny
By Glu - download free on Android

We'll be honest - we weren't expecting to find Heroes of Destiny quite as entertaining as we did. It's a pretty generic-looking action RPG with a heavy IAP element - two things that don't usually set our hearts racing.

Glu managed to win us over, though, thanks to a super-intuitive and immediate battle system and a nice nod to Temple Run-style endless runners.

You can also get plenty of gameplay out of the game without spending a penny, which is always the mark of a good freemium model.

Star Wars Pinball
By Zen Studios - buy on Android

It's Star Wars Pinball. You get to ping a ball through Bespin. What more do you need to know?

Underpinning the Star Wars skin, of course, is Zen Studios's trusty Zen Pinball engine, which is as convincing and satisfying a take on the real life game as you're likely to get on a smart device.

Ultimately you need to love both elements - Star Wars and pinball - in order to appreciate this game, but we suspect that's a pretty large portion of the PG readership.

Sling It! (Pollushot 2)
By Dumb and Fat - buy on Android

This quirky take on the 2D shooter may play a lot like the first Pollushot, but as that didn't quite play like anything else we'll let it slide.

You drag your little craft around the screen, avoiding enemy fire, but the way in which you return fire is slightly different. You have to manually operate a slingshot, which makes for a highly cagey and surprisingly strategic action game.

If you're bored to tears with the usual mindless shooter fare that's regularly served up on Android, give Sling It! a go.

Metal Slug X
By SNK Playmore - buy on Android

Own Metal Slug 2? Move on. There's nothing new to see here. For everyone else after a classic side-scrolling platform-shooter, it doesn't get much better than this on Android.

Metal Slug X is a very slightly tweaked and improved version of Metal Slug 2, which does make us wonder why SNK bothered to put number two on in the first place.

What we can't possibly question is the quality of Metal Slug X's gameplay, which throws everything you could want at the screen - humour, action, gorgeously detailed detailed graphics, madcap vehicle rampages, huge bosses... the lot.

By Little Bobby Games - buy on Android

This bright, challenging game will really stretch your reaction times and hand-eye coordination to the limit.

As your little chap runs around each drum-like maze, you must flip gravity on its head and change colour to squeeze through gaps and colour-coded barriers.

It's not a game for the easily dissuaded, but if you're the type who likes to repeat levels until you've perfected them, then Bobbing could be an all new bad habit to get hooked on.

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