Top 50 free Android games

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Top 50 free Android games

There's one thing that kept the Google Play store - or the Android Market, as it used to be known - going during its early, darker times. A bountiful provision of free games.

These weren't always particularly good back in those days, but when you could download them for nothing it didn't always matter.

Today? Today the Google Play store has come on leaps and bounds, with a generous offering of classy paid games to keep you going.

But it's never forgotten its cheap and cheerful roots - the Google Play store is still the place to come for those seeking high quality free mobile games.

Here are 50 of the best.

Angry Birds
By Rovio - download on Android

You might have heard of this one. Throwing birds at pigs has never felt so normal.

Agent Dash
By Full Fat - download on Android

Yes, it's a shameless Temple Run clone. But guess what? Agent Dash is better. There, we've said it.

Subway Surfers
By Kiloo Games - download on Android

Here's another slick Temple Run clone that some on the PG team think betters the source material. Suck it and see.

Temple Run 2
By Imangi Studios - download on Android

Imangi's response to all those accomplished clones is Temple Run 2. More of the same, yes, but bigger, slicker and more varied with it.

Tetris Free
By EA - download on Android

Possibly the only game on this list that's more recognisable than Angry Birds, this classic puzzler is as addictive as ever.

Evac HD
By Hexage - download on Android

Take a little Pac-Man maze-running and imbue it with a more laid back, adventurous fell and you have Evac - a true overlooked gem.

By Jean-Francois Geyelin - download on Android

An excellent twin-stick shooter with ace wireframe visuals, loads of different modes, and plenty of pews for your (lack of) pounds.

Trainyard Express
By Noodlecake Studios - buy on Android

Making an entertaining puzzler out of a mundane logistical task - shunting trains around - is just one of the feats Trainyard Express pulls off.

Whale Trail Frenzy
By ustwo - download on Android

An irresistible endless runner starring the cutest flying whale your ever likely to meet, not to mention stellar production values.

Pocket Planes
By Mobage - download on Android

A deceptively deep management sim that tasks you with running a bustling international airport. The 'cute' factor is - yes - sky high.

Gem Miner
By Psym Mobile - download on Android

Is there a more fun game about digging and mining for resources on Android? Not for free, there isn't.

Fruit Ninja Free
By Halfbrick Studios - download on Android

Fruit flies up, player swipes fruit with finger. Fruit splats on screen. Points scored. Gaming Nirvana achieved.

Colosseum Heroes
By Gamevil - download on Android

Gamevil's pretty 2D hack and slasher - with the developer's trademark RPG elements, of course - is an absolute hoot to play.

By Psym Mobile - download on Android

It's Doodle Jump, only with a cute cow instead of a.... doodley thing. Oh, and free.

Stick Cricket
By Stick Sports - download on Android

Let's face it - cricket is inherently boring without copious amounts of alcohol. Stick Cricket, however, is good fun even when sober.

Brain Genius Deluxe
By Glu Mobile - download on Android

Remember when everyone and their funky grandmother was playing brain training games? Here's a decent one for your Android.

By Tapjoy - download on Android

This colour-based puzzler is one of those games that keeps you tapping at the screen, even when you're completely bored of it.

Cestos 2
By Chicken Brick Studios - download on Android

Forget the exotic name and futuristic graphics - this is free online marbles. That's all you need to know.

Angry Birds Seasons
By Rovio - download on Android

Arguably the most varied Angry Birds of the lot. This event-themed collection of levels is the holiday gift that keeps on giving.

GRave Defense Holidays
By ArtOfBytess - download on Android

GRave Defense Holidays is a bit like Angry Birds Seasons in terms of its holiday giveaway theme. Just replace birds and physics with zombies and tower defence.

Zombie Road Trip
By Noodlecake Studios - download on Android

An endless stunt-runner with a ghoulish twist, Zombie Road Trip doles out its rewards copiously and frequently.

Bad Piggies
By Rovio - download on Android

Proving that those green piggies aren't as stupid as they seem, Bad Piggies takes casual-physics to a new level.

Angry Birds Star Wars
By Rovio - download on Android

The best Angry Birds ever? Our very own Jedi Master, Mark Brown, thinks so.

By Miniclip - download on Android

If Rovio can't seem to make new Angry Birds levels fast enough to feed your hunger, give Fragger a blast.

Air Control
By Four Pixels - download on Android

Why bother with Flight Control when there's this free alternative? Because Flight Control's better? Well, when you put it like that...

Draw Something Free
By OMGPOP - download on Android

It's not quite the super-fresh sensation it once was, but Draw Something still plays a mean game of massively multiplayer online Pictionary.

Super Stickman Golf
By Noodlecake Studios - download on Android

One of the most addictive games on Google Play, this stylised delight manages to make golf both cool and fun.

Pinball Deluxe
By GreenCod Apps - download on Android

It's difficult to get digital pinball right at the best of times, but when you're talking about a free Android game it's even more impressive. That's Pinball Deluxe for you.

Angry Birds Rio
By Rovio - download on Android

Who remembers the film Rio? Nope, us neither. We do remember this entertaining Angry Birds tie-in, though.

Dead Trigger
By Madfinger Games - download on Android

This arcadey first person shooter is what you download to show off your quad-core Android beastie to your console-gaming mates.

By Hexage - download on Android

Another quirky gem of a game from Hexage, Robotek stirs in turn-based strategy, fruit machine and RPG elements - with tasty results.

The Simpsons Tapped Out
By EA - download on Android

Not everyone appreciates this kind of casual city builder, but when that city is Springfield your well-founded reservations may get swept aside.

By Smyno - download on Android

Here's another inferior-but-free clone. This time the source is Galcon, which results in a highly intuitive real-time strategy game.

Words With Friends Free
By Zynga - download on Android

Zynga's game of online asynchronous multiplayer Scrabble is as addictive as it's ever been.

By PlayfulArt - download on Android

A brilliantly conceived puzzler that sees you slotting cogs together to get chunky contraptions working.

Scramble With Friends
By Zynga - download on Android

It's not as good as Words With Friends, but Scramble With Friends offers more immediate multiplayer word-based thrills.

By OrangePixel - download on Android

This fabulous retro platformer is supremely accessible, but its exacting bite-size levels provide a seriously old skool challenge.

Dead on Arrival
By N3V Games - download on Android

A hugely attractive top-down survival-shooter that sees you you taking on the undead in an abandoned hospital.

Super Bit Dash
By Fakepup - download on Android

A charming retro platformer on your Android with no sign of a clunky virtual D-pad - what's not to love?

Radiant Defense
By Hexage - download on Android

Hexage does tower defence, which means an altogether more interesting, customisable take on the well worn genre.

Jetpack Joyride
By Halfbrick Studios - download on Android

One of the best endless runners around - and now it's available for free. Download Jetpack Joyride now, you fools.

Dream House Days
By Kairosoft - download on Android

Makes this list chiefly for being one of the only Kairosoft games available for free. And for being an awesome-fun life sim game, of course.

Cut the Rope FULL FREE
By ZeptoLab - download on Android

As casual-physics puzzlers go, Cut the Rope is one of the big hitters - right up there with Angry Birds, in fact.

Plague Inc.
By Miniclip - download on Android

As Tears For Fears almost sang, everybody wants to infect the world. Now, with this darkly comic strategy game, you can.

Shadowgun: DeadZone
By Madfinger Games - download on Android

Madfinger takes on the mobile online multiplayer shooter, and comes out smelling of consoles.

Angry Birds Space
By Rovio - download on Android

The game that really saw the Angry Birds franchise enter orbit - quite literally - and this writer's favourite. The last Angry Birds game on our list - promise.

Happy Jump
By Noodlecake Studios - download on Android

More Doodle Jump-esque action, but this time with a chirpy jelly. We can forgive plagiarism when it's this cute.

Super Monsters Ate My Condo
By [adult swim] games - download on Android

Match-three puzzling played out on a massive scale with monsters and flashy 3D graphics. Lovely.

Paper Toss
By Backflip Studios - download on Android

One of the pioneering Android freebie champions from a true master of the art, Paper Toss is an absolute legend.

Pixel Twist
By Noodlecake Studios - download on Android

Keep rotating a group of seemingly random pixels until they align to form a recognisable picture. Fresh, intuitive fun.