Top 10 roguelikes for Android

It's like a rogue, but not

Top 10 roguelikes for Android

A roguelike is a very specific sort of video game. One which has set rules and features. We're talking permadeath, randomized levels, and turn-based movement, folks.

Roguelikes have a huge following, with plenty of gamers out there happy to delve into deep, twisted adventures filled with treasure, mystery, and inevitable death.

The Google Play Store stocks a considerable number of roguelikes, so it can be tricky to know where to begin.

But, don't you worry your pretty little face: we've played them all... so that you don't have to.

Saying that, you will want to play a few of them. More precisely, the ten I've selected for your delectation below. Just read on.

By Red Winter Software - buy on Android

Dungelot is what you could call a 'casual roguelike'. It isn't as tricky to get into as your average roguelike - far easier, in fact - but it still contains all the elements that make the genre so much fun.

As you uncover grid spaces on each floor, you'll find enemies that need cutting down and power-ups to help carry you just that little bit farther.

Run out of health, though, and you'll have to start all over again.

By gurr - download free on Android

This is the classic roguelike that every true fan of the genre must play.

While the 1987 original had ASCII visuals, this Android port is a lot more friendly on the eyes.

As you explore your surroundings, there's plenty of treasure (and enemies) to discover. Each randomly generated world is a joy to uncover.

By angdroid.org - download free on Android

Another classic roguelike, Angband was originally released in 1990.

At the core of the game is a quest through the fortress of Angband, found in the fictional Tolkien world of Middle-earth.

This Android port is a faithful conversion, complete with original ASCII visuals. There's also a version called Angband Variants that comes with the variants Sangband, Steamband, and ToME.

Legends of Yore
By Coke and Code - buy on Android

Let's jump forward to the present now, for Legends of Yore is a great modern roguelike with an interface that will better suit newbies (while still catering to veterans).

Some of the monsters you can find in Legends of Yore are genuinely scary, despite their pixellated look.

Oh, and each journey into the dungeons is as enjoyable as the last.

Dungeon Ascendance
By Seramy Games - buy on Android

This one is a little different from your regular roguelike, in that it's a bit more puzzle based.

While you're exploring, you see, you need to work out which enemies to attack and which to leave until later.

As you take out the weaker enemies, you'll level-up and be strong enough to go back and beat the tougher brutes. It's all about wandering around and working out where best to attack.

Roguelike Classics (Rogue, Moria, Larn)
By angdroid.org - download free on Android

Back to the good ol' days now, for Roguelike Classics features three of the best roguelikes you're ever likely to meet.

Furthermore, they've all been ported across to Android with perfection.

So, you can get stuck into Rogue, Moria, and Larn, all of which are well worth a play. And if you're going to call yourself a true rogue, you should boot them up now.

Pixel Dungeon
By watabou - download free on Android

The latest release on this list, Pixel Dungeon is being built up slowly but surely by its creator, so watching content being added to it is very exciting.

The game itself is everything you'd expect from a modern roguelike, with a big focus on scrolls and magic.

It's pretty damn hard, too, mind.

Infinite Dungeon
By Robert Morrell - buy on Android

Infinite Dungeon has a pretty awful interface, but don't let that put you off - there's plenty to love about this in-depth roguelike.

This game has boss battles, procedurally generated levels, and pre-designed levels.

And, yes, tons of keys, doors, and switches.

By MoaiApps - download free on Android

What makes TraqueHack slightly unique is its incredibly zoomed-in view. This means that the entire experience feels awfully claustrophobic.

That's definitely a good thing, though, as it adds a huge amount of tension to proceedings.

Is that monster you saw a few moments ago still following you? You'll only know when it's too late, my friend.

By B.Ritzl - download free on Android

Dweller features a quest system that keeps pushing you in the right direction, while retaining that classic roguelike exploration 'feel'.

It's currently in beta, so the dev is adding new features all the time.

Definitely worth your jumping in and seeing how far you can get before you meet your demise.

Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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