Top 10 best games to play on your Google Nexus 7

The perfect gaming tablet?

Top 10 best games to play on your Google Nexus 7

I had my doubts about what exactly the Google Nexus 7 tablet was going to be useful for. I thought, it's too big to cart around in my pocket, and yet it's too small to properly watch movies on.

Then, I used the Nexus 7 and... oh, my, that's what it's for. You see, the tablet is the perfect size for fitting in one of your palms while you play games with the other hand. And if you turn the Nexus 7 on its side, it's roughly the same size as a console gamepad or handheld gaming device.

Once I realised all that, I downloaded every Android game under the sun to find out which played best on the Nexus 7. Then, I kept the results to myself, because I hate everyone.

Just kidding!

Below, you will find the top ten games for the Google Nexus 7. Tab-let us begin... (sorry).

By Zachtronics Industries - buy on Android

I'll be honest: when I picked up my Nexus 7, I was incredibly worried that its 7-inch screen would be too small for playing chemistry puzzler SpaceChem on.

I'm happy to report, then, that not only does SpaceChem play perfectly fine on the Nexus 7, it's also extremely crisp and looks just as good on Google's new tablet as it does on larger slates. Stick that in your production pipe!

Monsters Ate My Condo
By PikPok Games - buy on Android

It's a match-three game... no, wait, come back!! It might be based on the idea of manipulating differently coloured tiles to make 'em disappear, but Monsters Ate my Condo is far more than that. Trust me, it just oozes personality and clever gameplay twists.

What's great is that it actually plays better on the Nexus 7 than on any device I've tried before. This is primarily due to the fact that the tablet fits snugly into the palm of one hand, allowing you to swipe the condos easily while also enjoying the visuals at maximum resolution.

Great Little War Game
By Rubicon Development - buy on Android

Great Little War Game has been a favourite of ours up here in PG Towers for yonks, thanks to its wonderful turn-based strategy action, deep gameplay, and underlying humour.

The Nexus 7 proves to be a great home for this game, presenting you with transitions that are smooth as the butt of a rifle.

Triple Town
By Spry Fox - buy on Android

While I generally adore the match-three town-building title Triple Town, I have to admit that the mobile version has always bugged me slightly, for the screen size of your regular smartphone doesn't really do the original browser game justice.

The Nexus 7 proves a far better fit for the game, meaning Triple Town is now very much my game of choice when "bussing it" with my Nexus. Don't take my word for it, though, give it a go yourself. It's freeeeeeee.

Tiny Tower
By NimbleBit - buy on Android

We're reluctant to admit how many hours we've invested in free-to-play title Tiny Tower. Let's just say, after countless days and weeks of organising tenants and stores, the number of floors in our tower nearly hit triple figures.

The Nexus 7's screen appears tailor-made for Tiny Tower: not too big so as to make the graphics look too blocky, and just large enough to display every bit of detail. Furthermore, save games are stored up in the Mobage cloud, so you can pick up a game from where you left off on another device.

By Hemisphere Games - buy on Android

Osmos remains pretty much the benchmark game for showing off a new tablet device, with its absolutely gorgeous visuals and calming soundtrack.

In this game, you propel organisms around the screen in a sort of space-age version of dog-eat-dog. Now, there's even more reason to download Osmos a.s.a.p. - the new multiplayer mode. It's what your Nexus 7 was built for. Probably.

Draw Something
By OMGPOP - buy on Android

While Draw Something is great Pictionary-style multiplayer fun, playing it on an Android smartphone can prove pretty tricky, what with your fingers and thumbs getting in the way.

Draw Something on the Nexus 7, however, works like a dream, mainly on account of the tablet's uncanny resemblance to a notebook. Watching scribbles take shape on the Nexus is also utterly charming.

Death Rally
By Remedy - buy on Google Play

It's pretty amazing that this debut title from Max Payne creator Remedy is still so wonderfully playable to this day.

Death Rally may be a 16-year-old top-down racer, but it still holds its own against the latest batch of mobile games, and, in some respects, outdoes them.

This free-to-play version, released earlier this year, looks great on the Nexus 7, and is far easier to control on Google's 7-inch tab than on your average smartphone.

Dead Trigger
By Madfinger Games - buy on Android

Zombie shooter Dead Trigger may be a little bit stingy when it comes to in-app purchases, but now that it's gone free to play, we're finding it far easier to recommend.

It helps that it's one of the nicest-looking games on Android - so nice, in fact, that many of your other devices may not pack the necessary grunt to run the game properly. With the Nexus 7, however, you can laugh in the face of bad framerates.

Where's My Water?
By Disney - buy on Android

Still one of the best Android puzzlers you can grab from the Google Play Store - whether you're eight or 80. As you dig dirt away with your finger, the water gushes through and (hopefully) fills up Swampy's bath.

This is another one of those games that can be a little fiddly to control on an Android smartphone. On the Nexus 7's bigger display, mind, it's ridiculously easy to re-route the water and collect the rubber ducks. Get digging!

Mike Rose
Mike Rose
An expert in the indie games scene, Mike comes to Pocket Gamer as our handheld gaming correspondent. He is the author of 250 Indie Games You Must Play.