Top 10 best Android games of October 2013

Stellar iOS conversions, lush shooters, and yet more stellar iOS conversions

Top 10 best Android games of October 2013

The anger we feel towards a rock star who continually ignores our home town on successive tours is very similar to the anger we feel towards iOS game makers who don't bother porting their titles to Android immediately.

Saying that, at least many of these game makers do eventually get around to producing iOS-to-Android conversions. Mick Jagger, meanwhile, still hasn't played Royal Tunbridge Wells.

And make no mistake, October's batch of 'latecomers' do make us starstruck. This month, we've seen some of the heavy hitters of mobile gaming finally rolling up on the Google Play Store weeks, months, and (in some cases) well over a year after their Apple debut.

In case you're new to this feature, here's how it works: we take a look back at our own Android reviews section from the past month. We also take a peek at the Quality Index boards, and feed in any interesting titles that have caught our attention during the month.

Naturally, this list is far from definitive, so please do tell us what your own favourite Android games of the month were in the comments section below.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the top ten Android games of the past 30 days.

By Crazy monkey Studios - buy on Android

The creator of this cleverly streamlined mixture of strategy, boardgame, and deck builder is brutal in its casual disregard for your continued survival, yet it keeps you coming back for more with its mobile-friendly interface.

Dead Trigger 2
By Madfinger Games - buy on Android

More GPU-bothering, zombie-slaying FPS mayhem from the Madfinger team.

Dead Trigger 2 is every bit as technically impressive as you'd expect, but with more varied levels than its predecessor and a thoughtfully streamlined control system.

Fist of Awesome
By I Fight Bears - buy on Android

The classic scrolling beat-'em-up gets reinvented again with this humour-filled effort from I Fight Bears.

Appropriately enough, you fight bears in Fist of Awesome. And thanks to a well-thought-out swipe-based combat system, it actually works well on touchscreen devices.

Plants vs Zombies 2
By PopCap Games - buy on Android

PopCap's mega-sequel finally surfaces on Android in all its quirky tower defence glory.

It's still got that divisive IAP system (you either hate it or can live with it), but this is offset by a brilliantly expanded set of zombie-eviscerating tools and levels.

Clash of Clans
By Supercell - buy on Android

Another iOS titan lands on Android.

Clash of Clans is the freemium city builder that really 'hits the sweet spot'. It feels strategically sound and eminently rewarding in spite of the money-making mechanism at its core.

The Blockheads
By Noodlecake Studios - buy on Android

The Blockheads is another mobile game inspired by Minecraft, though it's one of the better ones you're likely to come across.

Switching the view to side-on and simplifying the controls for touchscreen, Noodlecake has cooked up a highly accessible yet ocean-deep world-building adventure game.

Random Heroes
By Ravenous Games - buy on Android

The first Random Heroes came out more than a year ago on iOS. There have since been two sequels.

But how can we stay mad at the developer of this brilliantly tight and hard-as-nails 2D platformer when the game is this good?

Welcome to Android, old fella!

By Dicework Games - buy on Android

The brains behind this simple-minded brawler certainly wear their hearts on their, er, trousers.

Move around bashing stuff and collecting loot. It's the basis of a thousand video games, and this game makes you realise why.

By Colin Cornaby - buy on Android

So far, we haven't really highlighted anything massively original on this month's Android list.

Blackbar stands out a mile in the freshness stakes, though, with its kind-of-interactive story structure and stylish government censorship-inspired presentation.

Hero Academy
By Robot Entertainment - buy on Android

With this online strategy game, Robot Entertainment delivers turn-based combat to the Android masses.

Imagine a game of chess played with RPG-inspired playing pieces, and you're part of the way there.

Another Android latecomer, but a welcome one.

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