The QRepository: All the best Mii QR codes for your Nintendo 3DS

Celebrities, game characters, and oddities

The QRepository: All the best Mii QR codes for your Nintendo 3DS

Collecting Miis for your Nintendo 3DS is a breeze, thanks to the QR code recognition technology built into the device's camera.

There are loads of great Miis to scan on the net, but they're scattered all over forums and websites. We decided enough was enough, and have gathered together all the best ones so you can find them in one handy place.

The Miis found below were created by various forums-goers hanging out at NeoGAF and the Nintendo Life forums, plus a good number from the people at 3DS View.

Simply boot up your 3DS, go to the Mii creation tools, and choose the QR code scanner - then hold your handheld up to the screen, and grab each character one by one.

Game characters
Professor Layton and Luke

Mario, Luigi and Wario

Ridge Racer girl
TV and Film characters and celebrities
Big Bang Theory characters

Charlie Brown

Chuck Norris and Hannibal Lecter

Conan O'Brien

Johnny Depp

Dexter Morgan Family Guy characters

Powerpuff Girls

Geordi La Forge from Star Trek

Musicians, developers, and assorted oddities

British politicians

Jesus, Hitlet and Ghandi
Nintendo presidents

And how about a couple of the Pocket Gamer writers?