The Qi Report: These are the best Android games of the last 3 months

According to top mobile reviewers

The Qi Report: These are the best Android games of the last 3 months

Our sister site Quality Index (Qi) is all about finding the most critically acclaimed Android games.

For each Android game that comes out, Qi tracks the review scores from all the top mobile sites and then squishes those scores down into one, definitive, Qi rating.

So, what games have come out on top in the last three months? These are the top rated Android games from the fourth quarter of 2015.

1. Templar Battleforce RPG (8.9 rating, 4 reviews)

Templar Battleforce RPG blends strategic combat with army building and throws in a good measure of role-playing.

You'll build up a Battleforce made up of Templar specialists and come up with a unique strategies to complete each scenario.

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2. Geometry Dash Meltdown (8.9 rating, 3 reviews)

Geometry Dash Meltdown is a rhythm action platformer in which you have to jump, fly, and flip your way through a bunch of scary environments.

It's hard but incredibly addictive stuff. Check it out if you like the Bit.Trip games.

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3. Minions Paradise (8.6 rating, 3 reviews)

If F2P resource management games are your cup of tea, or you're a big fan of Despicable Me, you'll absolutely love Minions Paradise.

Not only can you build up your own paradise island and assign your minions to perform fun tasks but there are a bunch of addictive minigames to play too.

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4. Sniper X (8.5 rating, 3 reviews)

Sniper X features Jason Statham.

Oh, you need more convincing? Well, it's got slow motion bullets, a ton of missions to complete, and a compulsive upgrade cycle for all of your weapons. It's fun.

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5. Brass (8.5 rating, 3 reviews)

Brass is an economic strategy game in which you become an entrepreneur and try and make money from burgeoning industries during the industrial revolution.

If you're into your history, strategy games, or, well, making money, you'll love Brass.

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The rest
Pos. Game Reviews Qi rating
6 Fruit Bump 3 8.5
7 WordBubbles 3 8.3
8 Scrubby Dubby Saga 3 8.2
9 NHL SuperCard 3 8.2
10 Need for Speed No Limits 4 8
11 DEER HUNTER 2016 5 7.9
12 Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 4 7.9
13 Football Manager Touch 2016 4 7.8
14 Magic: Puzzle Quest 3 7.8
15 Fantasy War Tactics 3 7.8
16 Herald of Oblivion 3 7.7
17 Heroes Reborn: Enigma 3 7.7
18 Real Boxing 2 CREED 3 7.6
19 Dead Effect 2 5 7.5
20 Last Horizon 3 7.5
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