The PocketGamer.biz week that was: Apple booms, analysts are disappointed, 'crazy' iPad mini, and it's Cutsville at Zynga

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The PocketGamer.biz week that was: Apple booms, analysts are disappointed, 'crazy' iPad mini, and it's Cutsville at Zynga
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This week, as it unveiled iPad mini, Apple put on a product unveiling that - once again - was light on surprises.

I suppose those are the breaks when you're the most valuable publicly traded company in the world – lots of people become very keen to find out about your products ahead of time, and a couple of those people succeed. And then theytell the whole internet.

Still, one thing we didn't know about the iPad mini was its price, and that revelation was a bit of a shock. Coming in at $329, the iPad Mini is more than double the price of Amazon's $159 Kindle Fire.

Although the product is clearly a response to the proliferation of low-cost 7-inch Android tablets, Apple has decided not to compete with them in terms of price. As ever, Apple is going its own way, although this time, it's doing so in terms of pricing policy rather than design innovation.

But I won't analyse Apple's pricing policies too closely here, as Pocket Gamer's editor-in-chief Kristan Reed has beaten me to it.

His thoughts? The $329 price tag is 'crazy.' Right on, brother.

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James Nouch
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