The big Pocket Gamer accessory guide 2018 - Nintendo Switch accessories

Nintendo Switch accessories: Everything you need for the biggest console launch of the year

The big Pocket Gamer accessory guide 2018 - Nintendo Switch accessories
Updated 3rd June: We've added some new accessories to keep your Switch kitted out well into the summer.

The Nintendo Switch had a knock-out 2017, and while 2018 isn't turning out to be quite as amazing, it remains the most exciting console on the market.

Aside from the not insignificant matter of which games to buy - which PG is always on hand to help you with (no-brainer tip: buy Zelda and Mario) - there's also a broad range of accessories to enhance your Switch life.

This is a console you can take with you and play in a wide variety of scenarios, so it's up to you to customise the experience with the appropriate peripherals. Here are some of the most interesting and just plain essential.

Joy-Con Comfort Grip

Investing in a second set of Joy-Cons is no bad idea for local multiplayer, but that means you'll be wanting a second grip to turn it into a second controller. The Comfort Grip from PowerA is officially licensed and considerably more comfortable than the default Nintendo option, with a wider stance and rubberised handles. This one also has a cool Zelda decal.

Suggested price: £15
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Joy-Con Charging Dock

If you do purchase an extra pair of Joy-Cons or more (which is recommended, despite the high price), you'll run into the predicament of charging them. There's only space for two at a time on the Switch itself. This officially licensed dock from PowerA can charge two sets at a time.

Suggested price: £15
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Avantree Bluetooth USB audio adaptor

Want to use your generic wireless Bluetooth headphones with your Switch while docked? Nintendo has added the ability to do that, but you'll need to plug a Bluetooth adaptor into one of the console's USB ports. This effort from Avantree has been getting rave reviews for its performance and intuitiveness.

Suggested price: £30
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SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth headphones

The Arctis 3 Bluetooth headphones have a neat trick - they can simultaneously hook up to your phone and the Nintendo Switch.

In one fell swoop this eradicates much of the wirey mess that is Nintendo's default in-game chat set-up. Hardcore Splatoon 2 players take note.

Suggested price: £130
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Hori Super Mario Analog Caps

Are you the kind of person who, through a combination of sweaty thumbs and extended play, seems to wear away your controllers' analogue sticks?

Add a little protection - as well as some fun customisation - with these official Mario-themed caps.

Suggested price: £7
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Mumba Switch case

If you're the super-cautious/clumsy sort, you might wish that you could play your Switch without having to take it out of the cocoon-like protection of the staple Hori Switch Tough Case.

This Mumba case is pretty close to that, adding a heavy duty shock-resistant TPU bumper to the back and edges of your console.

Suggested price: £16
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Orzly Premium Tempered Glass screen protector

I hate using screen protectors on mobile phones and tablets. It numbs and compromises the key interface, and it looks ugly. But with the Switch, where you don't use the touchscreen much at all I'm more than willing to be persuaded.

Particularly if we're talking about Orzly's Tempered Glass screen protector, which don't interfere with the feel of the screen but provide vital scratch and shock resistance. They also boast a 94% light penetration ratio, so your viewing experience shouldn't be too badly compromised.

Suggested price: £7
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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 Edition

Splatoon 2 is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in July, and it's set to be a seriously fun and online multiplayer shooter. Given its unusually competitive edge and its divisive (but optional) motion controls, a lot of players are going to want to invest in a Pro Controller, if they haven't already.

Why not theme your Pro Controller accordingly with this colourful Splatoon 2 Edition model? The pad itself is an excellent piece of kit, and will enhance pretty much any traditional-style game on the system, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Suggested price: £65
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Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover

Taking your lovely Switch out of the house can feel like a hairy proposition. Perhaps it's because that lovely, huge 6.2-inch display feels that much more exposed than the lower tech clamshell 3DS equivalent.

This officially endorsed cover from PowerA provides considerable protection. It's essentially the kind of encompassing folder design that you find with many tablet cases, and it also doubles as a much more effective kickstand than the default Switch example.

Suggested price: £16
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Hori Switch Car Charger

The Switch is by far the most capable portable gaming device out there, but there's one notable downside to that - it sure sucks up a lot of power.

Our advice is to treat the Switch like you do your smartphone, and have a charger to hand for every situation so you can grab some precious electricity whenever you get the opportunity. Take this officially endorsed Hori car charger, for instance, which lets you put your car's cigarette lighter to a much healthier use.

Suggested price: £15
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Anker PowerCore+ 26800

If you're really using the Switch to its full potential, then you'll be taking it out and about with you and gaming on the go in parks and public spaces. The trouble is, it can be a pig finding a wall socket in the great outdoors.

What you need is a portable charger - and not just any old charger either. You'll need one with the extra oomph to handle USB-C devices. This Anker model will do nicely, and it'll also charge as quickly as if you were plugged into the mains.

Suggested price: £90
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Hori Switch Compact PlayStand

Talking of heading out and playing in public spaces, there's a bit of a hitch to the way the Switch is designed. While it's propped up on its kickstand, you can't charge it, because the port is on the underside.

That's where this Hori stand comes in - not only does it hold the Switch more securely than the flimsy built-in stand, but it also enables you to play whilst charging.

Suggested price: £9
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Hori Switch Tough Case

If you're simply after a high quality case to lug your Switch around in, check this one out. Hori has been licensed by Nintendo to produce stuff for the Switch, so you know it's quality.

Besides a sturdy and padded zip-up shell, the appropriately named Tough Case offers a little pouch for holding several Switch games. Much better than storing them in your mouth, despite what the internet seems to be telling us.

Suggested price: £14
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Ugreen Ethernet Adapter

The Nintendo Switch ships without an ethernet port, relying on Wi-Fi to get you connected to the internet. Wi-Fi is perfectly fine, but if you want to get serious about online multiplayer, then you're going to want to get a physical hook-up.

For that you'll want to grab this affordable generic ethernet adaptor, which plugs into one of the Switch's USB ports. Just get yourself an ethernet cable, then connect your Switch to your router. It's both faster and more reliable, and will optimise your online performance.

Suggested price: £9
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Gioteck Duo Grips

The Switch's Joy-Con controllers are undoubtedly a work of genius. But they're not the most comfy to hold for prolonged multiplayer sessions.

These third-party grips look like the perfect solution. They add a more traditional joypad-like housing, complete with grips and shoulder button extensions.

Suggested price: £10
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Samsung 64 GB EVO+ MicroSDXC

One of the glaring hardware weaknesses that was clear to see the minute Nintendo announced the Switch specs was a critical lack of internal storage. You'll have just 32GB on which to put your digital games - minus the required allotment for the console's OS.

That's nothing, but fortunately you can expand it with a standard microSD card, and we'd say it's an essential purchase. Just as important as capacity is speed - you don't want to be waiting for ages for your games to load up. We've recommended a particularly nippy 64GB model, though you can double the size for double the money

Suggested price: £17
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Set of Joy-Con controllers

The Nintendo Switch is built to bring local multiplayer gaming back, with its bundled Joy-Con controllers able to be split and used by two separate players. But what if four players want to play? Or what if the game requires both players to use both Joy-Con components, like Arms?

Then, my friend, you'll be needing another set of Joy-Con controllers. Unfortunately, these aren't cheap - and nor is this price particularly stable. Just grit your teeth and hand over those card details. It'll only hurt once.

Suggested price: £65
Buy from Amazon

Individual Joy-Con controller (L or R)

If you only need a single Joy-Con section - maybe you intend to have the same three-player Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game every week - then you can simply buy the Joy-Con components separately.

Again, this isn't cheap. In fact, you'll pay a premium just to buy the one. Our advice if you only need one component: ditch this separate idea and get a fellow Switch-owning friend to go halves on a pair. You can always complete the set at a later date.

Suggested price: £40
Buy from Nintendo (Left / Right)

Joy-Con strap

Anyone who has played on a Wii before will tell you that there's the very real danger of launching a motion controller through your TV screen. It comes with the territory.

The Joy-Con controllers are the spiritual successors to those Wiimotes, so you'll be wanting a strap for each waggle-stick. There are two bundled in with the console, but you just know they're going to go walkabout. As a bonus, these clip-on straps make the Joy-Con components easier to use as individual control pads - particularly when it comes to hitting the 'shoulder' buttons.

Suggested price: £5
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Joy-Con Charging Grip

Not only does this handy grip serve to physically combine the two halves of the Joy-Con package in a more ergonomically pleasing package, it also lets you play whilst charging those controllers.

This one's essential for those marathon Zelda sessions, in other words. Of course, if you really want to get serious, you'll want the next item on the list...

Suggested price: £25
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Pro Controller

The Pro controller is a standalone control pad that gives you the most ergonomic, precise set of controls possible for traditional console games. It promises to be the ultimate way to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for one thing.

Also, fighting game and 2D platformer fans will want this for its solid D-pad, which is one thing the Joy-Con set-up lacks. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers has been announced, and could be all but unplayable on the standard Joy-Con.

Suggested price: £55
Buy from Amazon

Joy-Con Wheel Pair

Enjoying those multiplayer Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sessions? Got a casual gaming friend or kid who can't 'do' classic controls so well? No problem.

Invest in this set of two wheel peripherals, slot in the Joy-Con controllers, and make like a toddler with the air-steering-wheel action. Beep beeeep!

Suggested price: £14
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Switch Accessory Set

If you're using the Switch to its fullest potential, you're going to be taking it around with you. This general Accessory Set could be your most important purchase.

The pack includes a snug carrying case and a screen protector for the console's screen. That should keep the nicks and scratches at bay for a while.

Suggested price: £16.99
Buy from Nintendo

Switch Power Adapter

You'll be getting one of these power adaptors in the box with your new Switch. But you know how it is with your smartphone and tablet - one charger is never enough.

You can buy this official Nintendo spare, but we're actually going to suggest that you don't. For once, Nintendo is using a universal charging standard on its latest console in USB-C. This means you can get a third party equivalent for a lot less money. Still, if you insist on keeping things official, here you are.

Suggested price: £24.99
Buy from Nintendo

Anker USB-C to USB 3.0 cable

A far more cost-effective way to get a spare charger for your switch is to buy a third party USB-C cable like this one from Anker. You'll be able to use your smartphone plug to connect it to the wall.

The best thing - it's available for less than a third of the price of the official Nintendo Power Adaptor.

Suggested price: £6
Buy from Amazon