The best Android game this week - Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

All the right dimensions

The best Android game this week - Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

After E3 decided to take up everyone's attention and dry up the mobile releases, there's been a healthy number of games launched on Android this week.

So it's either impressive or disappointing that the best of the bunch has to be Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

Though it's not too surprising really, since we also called it the best iOS game of the week when it first launched around a month ago.

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Geometry Wars 3 takes the standard top-down arena shooter formula and throws in a few twists to liven up the gameplay.

Chief among them is the Adventure mode, which has you progressing through 50 levels, with a different mode and arena shape for each level.

You're no longer stuck in one small rectangle either, as the arenas now let you zoom around fully 3D shapes, dodging or destroying anything that moves.

You've also got power-ups and companion drones to upgrade. These can add extra firepower, lay mines, or help collect pieces of fallen enemies, which are used for upgrades.

Throw in a few new modes and support for Bluetooth controllers and you've got the best entry into the Geometry Wars series by a mile.

Don't just take our word for it though. You can grab Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions from Google Play for £3.82 / $4.99.