The 9 best places to play mobile games this winter

I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas

The 9 best places to play mobile games this winter

In case you haven't noticed, it gets reasonably cold in winter - unless you're fortunate enough to live in the southern hemisphere, where it's lovely and warm and you can enjoy the holiday season on the beach.

But for the rest of us, we have to suffer through months of bitterly freezing winds, constant rain, and, if we're lucky, an abundance of lovely, crisp snow.

Okay, so maybe winter isn't so bad generally - but it's an absolute blight for mobile gamers, as it negates one of the biggest advantages of the platform.

But Pocket Gamer is here to help. So grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a blanket, and read on for the best places to play mobile games during winter.

In bed

Arguably, this is the best place to play mobile games period. But in winter particularly, you can't beat those lazy Sunday morning sessions of Clash Royale while snuggled up in a warm duvet.

Mmmmm, warm duvet.

On the sofa wrapped in a comforter

Second best, we have your sofa. This is a slight step down from your bed, as it's not quite as comfortable and lacks that essential duvet magic, but wrap a comforter around your shoulders and put your feet up and it's not that far off.

This is the choice for gamers who have a sense of pride.


Lying somewhere between the two is the beanbag, which offers a compromise in comfort and pride. Sure, it's not quite as comfortable as your bed - or as respectable as the sofa - but for those who want to game with family members in front of the TV, there really is no better choice.

For the purposes of this feature, we were kindly sent two sample beanbags by Sumo Lounge - the Sumo Gamer and Sumo Gigantor - and we must say, they're pretty damn solid choices for gamers this Christmas.

Bear in mind that the Sumo Gigantor really does live up to its name - it's ridiculous. The Sumo Gamer is the more reasonable choice - unless you want a lounge made entirely of beanbag.

Wait, who doesn't want that?

Coffee shop

Yes. Sadly, we do have to leave the house occasionally in winter. Some of us have jobs, for example, or aren't aware that internet shopping exists.

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself out and about and you have a hankering for a quick mobile gaming session, you could dip into the nearest coffee shop to grab some much-needed warmth and, in most cases, free WiFi.

Going round in circles on the Circle line

If you're stuck for something to do in London, and it's "blllaaaddyyy freezin'" as those cockney geezers like to say, why not play a quick game of Deus Ex GO while going round and round on the Circle line?

Sure, you can't play any games that require data or WiFI, but you'll sure be warm - and you won't be short of company, as the line will be absolutely rammed at this time of year.

A beach bar in Thailand

If you really just can't stand the cold at all, then you've probably already booked yourself a nice holiday in Thailand over Christmas. You lucky blighter.

So technically, you could just play games wherever you are but you're on holiday! So relax a little by drinking far too much in a beach bar and smash a few rounds of Hearthstone.

Debenhams Xmas window display

Putting decorations up is such a chore. Fortunately though, Debenhams does it for you - so why not go and play games among the window display? You'll feel festive, thanks to the decorations, but you'll also feel like you're outside, thanks to the window.

It really is the best of both worlds, and you're sure to be warm as they like to pump that heating up at this time of year. Not that I've ever done this, of course...

In a religious establishment

However you choose to celebrate this holiday season, a fair few of you will be visiting religious establishments. So amongst all the praying, singing, and worshipping deities, why not pop your mobile out for a quick gaming session?

You could even play something like Godus to get a taste for what your deity is contending with on a daily basis, bringing you closer to them. How cool is that?

On Santa's lap

And the ultimate place to play mobile games goes to: Santa's lap! Simply pop on down to your nearest mall, pretend to be a child, then pop yourself on Santa's lap and play a few rounds of Alto's Adventure.

It'll not only be nice and snug because he's a big fella, but it's also the most festive way to play as you're literally sitting on Mr Christmas himself. You may even get a present or two out of it to boot.