QuoteStars: Putting us in our place when it comes to zombies...

...and gangbangers

QuoteStars: Putting us in our place when it comes to zombies...

Another round of QuoteStars is upon us, but sadly, once again none of you is a star. Due to the lack of registered user accounts used for commenting, we can’t reward anyone, which is a shame as there's no shortage of fantastic commentary coming our way.

Such as this, posted by Romero in the comments thread for our Top 10 iPhone Zombie games feature:

“Sorry to be a nerd, but Resident Evil 4 does not have zombies, the enemies are "ganados", people being controlled by these spore like things called "Las Plagas", they behave very differently from you're generic movie/game zombie, for example they communicate in spanish with each other etc lol”

That’s the sort of pedantry we're only too happy to entertain. Well observed, Romero, though we think the reason they communicate in Spanish is because the hosts of La Plagus in Resident Evil 4 are in fact Spanish. Speaking Spanish is not a side-effect of the T-Virus, La Plagus, or becoming a zombie for that matter as far as we are aware.

There was also a frenzied exchange concerning our review of Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. Between debating the game’s finer points and our final score, there were some smart and reasoned comments, such as this from seasoned commenter, Camzy:

“This game is good, but not gold standard. I of course have my own views on what other games should be gold and what games are gold but shouldn't be, but the review is fair and the score likewise for this game. It kind of reminds me of Glyder actually. A few complaints that can be fixed with an update. I would give it like an 8.5.”

And there were also some less well reasoned comments, such as this gem from Hustla:

“8 is so low. this is by far the best game i've played in my entire life.”

All we can say is, we hope Hustla is sitting down when he first hears about a little known series called GTA.

That’s all of the commenting we're going to report on this week. Remember, people: we need you to register if you want your comments to be entered into the weekly QuoteStars competition. Doing so might just net you a £5 iTunes gift voucher so it’s well worth the effort.

That’s it for now. Check back next week for more QuoteStars by clicking ‘Track It’.