QuoteStars: How many comments is that...?

1172 and counting...

QuoteStars: How many comments is that...?

It’s been a busy week - a very busy week - comments-wise. We’ve broken all of our previous records. In fact, broken is too tame a word: it’s more like we stuck our previous records into a cement mixer with an angry leopard, a bucket of rusty nails and a several gallons of napalm (note: no angry leopards were harmed in the breaking of our records).

But more on that later. First, this week’s winner. Chewing over the details of the Langdell-gate in the Edge Games’s Timothy Langdell facing the chop from IGDA story, Camzy shot through the fog with this beam of clarity:

“They better get rid of him. As Steve said, it's downright madness that he is able to copyright the word "Edge." It's not like "Edgomatic" or a made up name for a game, it's simply "Edge" an English word meaning to be on the verge of something. "Does that mean I can copyright "The" and then become the king of most companies? If the judges are reasonable, and I think they can't be fool enough to believe this guy, he should be immediately removed from IGDA and go hide in a corner for making them take down a perfectly original game.”

Well done Camzy. This week’s £5 iTunes voucher is yours.

So, back to that record breaking comments thread. The unlikely topic was Nintendo preps animation app Flipnote Studio for DSiWare, which has spawned a staggering, 1172 comments at the time of writing. Most of it just chit chat between a few members, but nice to see all the same.

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That’s all from QuoteStars for now - check back for more community wisdom next week.