Premier League 17/18 - 7 mobile games to welcome in the new football season

All-star lineup

Premier League 17/18 - 7 mobile games to welcome in the new football season

Millions of people around the world will be tuning in on their TVs, radios, computers and smartphones this weekend as the 2017/18 season of the Premier League kicks off. There's every reason to be excited.

England's top football league may not be the best in the world, if the recent European dominance of Real Madrid and Barcelona is anything to go by. It is unquestionably the most competitive and least predictable, though, and that makes it the most exciting.

Footy fans have plenty to look forward to this year, with as many as six teams in with a realistic title shout and plenty of the smaller clubs spending big. There have been some massive player transfers (Lukaku, Morata, Lacazette, Bernardo Silva, Salah), and in Newcastle United one of the best supported clubs in the country has been added to the roster.

To mark kick off, then, we thought we'd round up some excellent mobile footy games to tide you over for the next few tantalising days.

Alternatively, you may be dreading the return of football after several blissful months off. Don't worry. We've got some games to keep you occupied too.

Football Manager Touch 2017

Where better to start than with the deepest, most detailed football game on mobile? Football Manager Touch 2017 has so much going on, a decent tablet is mandatory.

If you want to make like Mourinho or prepare like Pep ahead of the new season, there's no better game to load up on your iPad or Android tablet than Football Manager Touch 2017.

Play if: you want to scout that new young player your club has just signed New Star Soccer

If Football Manager takes the perspective of the all-powerful modern manager, then New Star Soccer zooms right in to the player's perspective.

You take control of a single fledgling star, intervening in key moments of each match (shots, passes, tackles) and managing their off-pitch activities to boot.

Play if: you still fantasise about being called up by your favourite team at the start of every season Flick Kick Football

The two games we've mentioned so far have been pretty involved, multi-faceted affairs. Flick Kick Football is neither of those things.

It's all about scoring lots of goals by swiping through the ball with your finger, applying judicious spin to get around the game's cardboard cutout defences.

Play if: you just want to kick some balls Retro Soccer

Retro Soccer has more in common with pre-Premier League footy games like Sensible Soccer than it does with the likes of FIFA and PES. It's a charmingly frenetic top-down kick-about.

That being said, it ditches virtual controls in favour of a far more progressive tap and swipe system, so it's very much down with the kids.

Play if: you miss the way football (games) used to be Pixel Cup Soccer 16

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 doesn't care a jot about the finer technicalities of FIFA and PES. It looks a little confused at the very mention of trick sticks and player stats and thinks licenses are a waste of money.

It is a pure-bred side-on arcade football game with a virtual stick and two buttons. It's essentially a highlights package with all the goals and crunching tackles and none of the nonsense in between.

Play if: you're more Match of the Day than Sky Sports Super Sunday Soccer Physics

Soccer Physics only has a passing resemblance to the game of football, but that doesn't matter. It's an absolute riot of deliberately clumsy, physics-powered multiplayer action.

Try scoring more goals than your opponent with just a single button and a pair of jumping, tottering buffoons for players.

Play if: you mainly watch football in pubs because there's friends and alcohol Uppercup Football

Here's another football-not-football game with single-button controls. This time, though, there are at least two proper teams and an actual attempt at passing and shooting.

It's just that there are also novelty pitches and assorted ball types and explosions, while dangerous tackles are positively mandatory.

Play if: you like the bits where footballers fall over and butt heads the best