Pocket Gamer Community Spotlight - April 19th

You talk. We listen

Pocket Gamer Community Spotlight - April 19th

We know you lot aren't shy in coming forward with your opinions. Believe it or not, we read every comment, Tweet, and Facebook message. Sometimes we'll even respond to them.

The Pocket Gamer community spirit is fantastic, and to celebrate that we've started running a new weekly feature based on you, and everything you've got to say.

Here are some of our picks.

It's been a long time coming, but Risk of Rain has finally made the jump to PS Vita.

The indie game has been a huge hit on PC, so your excitement was clear from the off.

xxAcesHighxx exclaimed 'it's fricking awesome!'

He 'picked it up and 4 hours in it's still unbelievably fresh and addicting.' Ewww. Hate that word.

'Loving the difficulty spikes as you progress through each level, too. At just £7.39, it's both keenly priced and highly recommended.'

The game is available to download right now and sounds well worth it.

The Pocket Gamer Awards 2016 were finally decided. The big winner was Lara Croft Go, as well as The Room 3. Both of which seemed to be popular choices.

However, there was some contention with other results.

In regards to us, Arcane asked 'Are they brain dead?' when looking at PG Legends Best Publisher winner, Gameloft.

'The award should have been given to companies like Noodlecake Games, Crescent Moon Games, Dotemu, Square Enix, etc. They are so much better.'

Well, these were public awards. People had the chance to vote for their favourites. This is the result of those polls.

PgGamer was very happy about one entrant, however. 'Ridic Fishing still got itttt ;)'

Yes, yes it does. True classics never die.

Details of the next Clash Royale patch were revealed earlier this week. New features include double the rewards in Crown Chests and changes to donations.

Ballard Curmudgeon asked 'Since this whole game is PvP doesn't this really do nothing?'

Choosing not to point out he's grammatically incorrect, our news man Clement instead replied. 'Well, it's also a free to play game so this means more cards without spending any money.'

Drboot is worried that Supercell is actually being very sneaky. 'They keep avoiding the issue of not earning gold through matches….so enjoy all the extra cards but not really any good way to upgrade them. They are actually getting people to spend more money this way.' Stro, meanwhile, sees a long-term plan. 'They're banking on e-Sports with the new tournament rules.'

These rules include an overtime limit of 3 minutes, Legendary level cap of 1, King Level Cap of 9, and more.

This week also brought sad news. Juicebox Games - creators of Honourbound - shuttered its doors after 3 and a half years in the business.

It's never pleasant news when we lose a player in the industry and people lose jobs as a result.

Richard J however, is unsurprised by the news. 'From the perspective of a consumer who tried Honourbound, it's hard to be sympathetic. It was like playing a get-rich quick scheme by the developers. A compilation of micro-transaction incentives dressed up as a game. That's saying something considering the mobile market.'

He did add though. 'You hate to see anyone's source of income dry up.'

Natalie Rath has her own theories on the downfall of Juicebox Games 'The first game was great at first, until the monetary system took over. They made the capture rates lower and lower, making it more and more obvious how much money you need on the game to win.'

'Second game? They flat out ignored their customers feedback when they tried recommending an alternative to the monetary system. They started doing stupid stuff like buy portals for 10 dollars a pop and the diamonds you've been collecting are only good to buy in game resources. They segregated their own system.'

She adds. 'I actually enjoyed both games, but after what they did to their fans, ignoring their feedback, they should know it's all on their heads.'

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On the video side, James got his snake on with Slither.Io. Twisting and turning around a maze, wrapping up other anacondas online seems to have captured the attention of the world.

It also caught your attention in the comments section.

Norm Doow said 'The game is brilliant! They kind of copied agar.io but then added the old snake gameplay to it. They followed the same marketing strategy as agar.io as well. The game was really big on the browser first and that's why it has come out really popular on iOS' Cepreeb even offered some hints and tips. 'Don't tap the screen. Just hold the finger on the screen and the snake will follow it. That is much better to control. And try not to bump into other snakes.' Frazer Merrick added. 'This would be so much better if it were side on "underground" rather than top down over some weird hexagon mesh?'

It's a divisive game, but one that certainly seems to be doing extremely well for itself in the charts.

We promised some Retro City Rampage codes and we weren't kidding.

We've chosen three entrants from your above comments. Those winners are Natalie Rath, xxAcesHighxx and Drboot. Congratulations to you! We'll be in touch shortly.

We've also got one other winner after a spectacular entry on Twitter. Take a look at this work of art from @opulation Very impressive. All worthy winners. We'll get those codes to you soon!

Thank you for all your comments, suggestions, and other feedback. We love reading them - however and wherever you choose to express yourself - that’s why we've decided to put all this together. So, don't be shy. Get involved! You could be the next to feature on our Community Spotlight!
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