PG's top moments of the week - Three games get Gold Awards...

Bioshock iOS reviewed! Motorsport Manager tips!

PG's top moments of the week - Three games get Gold Awards...

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Last week was a bit of a damp squib, when it came to fresh mobile games. It was held up almost entirely with the terrific Motorsport Manager. Which, by the way, we've got some tips for.

But, as if to make up for this injustice, the cosmos has only gone and dumped three Gold Award winners on our plate this week.

There's Laser Dog's ridiculously fast-flier ALONE (iOS and Android), Lucky Frame's puzzling roguelike variant The Nightmare Cooperative (iOS), and Tin Man's comic gamebook Appointment with F.E.A.R. (iOS and Android)

Nightmare Cooperative

There's also the final episode of the Walking Dead's second season, which Rob was very fond of in his spoiler-filled recap. And Peter's started playing Tiny Tower Vegas, which could be lovely or a grim monetisation machine. We'll see.

Less praise has been heaped on 2K's Bioshock port for iPhone and iPad. Technically quite impressive, yes, but a nightmare to control without an MFi joypad, and simply not worth playing if you have access to the clearly superior console version.

In the world of features, we picked six iOS football games for people who hate football. No stuffy management games or realistic soccer sims, here. Just silly games that only happen to involve a ball covered in octagons.

And we finished off the week by looking ahead to September, with 10 hotly anticipated mobile games that are due next month. Like thoughtful World War I puzzler Valiant Hearts and ultra minimalist strategy game Kingdoms.


Nintendo stole the show in terms of news this week, by unleashing a pair of new 3DS consoles, a Xenoblade port for 3DS, a new Smash Bros character, and a bunch of other nonsense.

Otherwise we've been writing about a grindhouse game starring Hitler, which you definitely wouldn't get on a 3DS. And the allegations of cloning that have been lobbed at Swing Copters maker Dong Nguyen.

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This Week at 148Apps, the distinguished Editor’s Choice award went to Hyperlapse, and the team reviewed such notables as Madden NFL Mobile, Bioshock and Star Wars: Commander. Go see for yourself.

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