PG's top 5 moments of the week - Mario with IAPs? Hot gadgets at MWC...

New game overload! Best point-and-click adventures! Still no Flappy Bird!

PG's top 5 moments of the week - Mario with IAPs? Hot gadgets at MWC...

Every week, Pocket Gamer provides a weekly digest of the most important and popular stories from these digital pages.

A lot has happened on Pocket Gamer this week.

We've been looking at phones in Barcelona, telling Nintendo how to run a company, cranking out lists, and playing more video games than is mentally healthy.

And beyond the following five things, we've played Hammer & Chisel's Fates Forever, checked out the upcoming Supernauts, and published a guide to Card Wars - Adventure Time.

We paid 99c to make Mario just jump a little bit higher Super Mario 3D World

It wouldn't be a normal week if some Nintendo shareholder wasn't pressuring the firm into releasing mobile games, would it?

This time, the 'honour' went to Hong Kong hedge fund manager Seth Fischer.

He also made a suggestion that made a million game nerds suddenly cry out in terror, saying: "Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher."

We thought that was a terrible idea.

But if Nintendo really does end up releasing some iOS games, here are eight legacy Ninty games that would work out awesomely on tilt and touch. Oh, and they don't involve completely butchering a much-loved franchise.

We looked for shiny magic rectangles in Barcelona Samsung Galaxy S5

This week, Pocket Gamer's Jonathan and Peter have been gallivanting around in sunny(ish) Barcelona on the hunt for new gadgets and devices at Mobile World Congress.

That includes Samsung's heart-monitoring Galaxy S5, Sony's sopping wet Xperia Z2, Nokia's first Androids, and a bunch of tat from Huawei.

Plus, find out about gambling on your smartwatch, the scrappy underdogs of the footy gaming world, playing Android games on your telly, and Mad Catz's iOS controller.

We played approximately a million new iOS and Android games Out There

Sometimes, it's a slow week on mobile, and so we end up writing articles about things we can see out of the window just to pass the time.

Sometimes, a thousand interesting new mobile games come out in one big lump.

Between the likes of Royal Revolt 2, Autumn Dynasty Warlords, Roid Rage, Demonrock, Beyond Space, Disco Zoo, God of Light, Hugby, The Voyage, and Avadon 2, this was definitely the second type of week.

But we have to play favourites and therefore picked sci-fi thriller Out There, quirky card battler Card City Nights, the mathematical Calculords, twitchy ninja sim Shadow Blade, and the dizzying Tilt to Live 2 as our best iOS and Android games this week.

We investigated touchscreen platformers Kid Tripp

Playing a platformer on a touchscreen should not work. It's a genre that requires pinpoint precision and reliable controls. And, well, a slab of glass with pictures of buttons on it doesn't sound like it's up to the task.

Except, it kind of is. And despite the stigma surrounding touchscreen platformers, there are numerous examples of fast, hard exacting jump-'em-ups that work fine on iOS and Android.

To find out more, Harry quizzed the developers of Kid Tripp, Shadow Blade, and Mikey Hooks to find out how platforming developers have adapted to these devices.

We pointed and clicked on the best Android adventures Machinarium

Editors are lazy, and video game reviewers inevitably get typecast.

Review one role-playing game? Look forward to reviewing a million more RPGs in your career.

Admit to liking fighting games, and you're now the fighting game guy. That's your thing.

I'm Pocket Gamer's go-to point-and-click adventure guy. As such, I get saddled with some lengthy game with cryptic logic puzzle to review every other week.

But this does, at least, mean I'm well placed to compile a list of ten worthy adventures on Android, including robot saga Machinarium, swampy whodunit Detective Grimoire, and Amiga classic Simon the Sorcerer.

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They also reviewed great new releases like Kahuna, Beyond Space, and Disco Zoo.

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Mark Brown
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