PG's top 5 moments of the week - Incoming games, Mario Golf reviewed...

This weeks best games! IAPs that don't suck!

PG's top 5 moments of the week - Incoming games, Mario Golf reviewed...

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We highlighted some incoming iOS and Android games

There are enough games on the App Store to satisfy a game fanatic for a thousand years. But we're still always looking to the future, excitedly anticipating the next big thing.

That's why Jon took a look at some iOS and Android games coming our way in May (or thereabouts) like gold prospector sim 1849, long-awaited Cave Story follow-up Kero Blaster, and orc killer Warhammer 40,000: Carnage.

Plus, some upcoming handheld games Borderlands 2

And just so we're not accused of playing favourites, we got Peter to give the handhelds the same treatment.

This May, 3DS gamers can look forward to games like Kirby: Triple Deluxe and a whole bunch of retro Mega Man games, while Vita owners will be getting Borderlands 2, Mind Zero, and some tasty bundles.

Fore! We reviewed Mario Golf: World Tour Mario Golf

Speaking of 3DS, we reviewed Mario Golf: World Tour - the first Mario Golf game in a decade, and one of the best entries in the sporting series.

I reviewed this one, and said it's "a tremendous golf game with a smart balance between realism and zaniness", but that "a short campaign and spotty online play can let it down".

We chose the best mobile games of the week Botanicula

Every week, we work tirelessly to highlight games you might like with our news stories and reviews. But we know you're busy, so we like to make the process easier with a round-up of just three games you don't want to miss.

This time, Harry picked Botanicula, Hack, Slash, Loot, and Intake: Be Aggressive on iOS and Bridge Constructor Medieval, Metal Slug Defense, and Hazumino on Android. Get the lot, you won't be disappointed.

We chose 10 games where the microtransactions aren't completely evil Spaceteam

Last week, we brought you a list of ten franchises that had been spoiled by the intrusion of greedy free to play tactics and grim in-app purchases. This week, we provided a little balance with ten games that have perfectly acceptable IAPs.

From card battlers to spaceship party games to arcade racers to jetpack sims, here are some titles that will hopefully prove that free to play games don't spell impending doom for video games just yet.

Around Steel Media

Intake: Be Aggressive won the week at 148Apps by taking the one and only Editor’s Choice slot, but there were lots of other great new games reviewed, like Lethal Lance, Tank Battle: East Front 1943, and Racer 8.

Plus, Rob Rich turned his acutely-tuned reviewer’s eye to Sharebrands’s new stereo headphones. Stop by for a look-see.

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Mark Brown
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