PG's top 5 moments of the week - Black Friday sales, incoming games...

Assassin's Creed Pirates! Angry Birds Go!

PG's top 5 moments of the week - Black Friday sales, incoming games...
iOS + Android + 3DS ...

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What are you looking forward to in 2014? New phones and tablets? The Scottish Referendum? The Winter Olympics? The immediate and irreversible destruction of planet Earth by a rampaging asteroid?

Oh, wait - that last one should hit us in 2015. Yay.

One thing we like to do at the end of the year is to make a great big list of all the new mobile games that are scheduled to drop in the following 12 months. Here's last year's list. We're researching next year's now.

Drop us a note in the comments section below if there are some games you can think of we simply can't miss.

Until then, here are five key events from the last week on Pocket Gamer - and on the other sites in the Steel Media network.

We gazed into our crystal ball Supernauts

Want to know what games will be out in December? Well, we've got you covered. And it's all thanks to our handy crystal ball. It's not actually crystal. It's plastic. And it came from Ikea. But it still works!

Our crystal ball 'told' us that we'll be playing curious box opener The Room 2 and ultra-clever puzzler Blek on our iPad next month. And it predicted that we'll be tearing up San Andreas on our Android. Check out all the upcoming iOS and Android games for December here.

Over in the world of handhelds, meanwhile, we're looking forward to Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and Treasurenauts on 3DS. And Terraria and Doki-Doki Universe on Vita. See the whole list here.

We shivered our timbers Assassins Creed Pirates

All the cool kids might be playing buccaneering pirate simulator Assassin's Creed IV on their fancy new Xbox Nines and PlayStation 5s, sure. But we've got the next best thing: ship sim Assassin's Creed Pirates.

In our hands-on preview of Ubisoft's game, we said that it can "certainly be an epic, engrossing adventure", but decided that "it's also too simple and too repetitive to stick with for long sessions".

You'll be able to make your own mind up on this game when it surfaces on iOS and Android next week. We'll have a full review for you on PG next week. Or you can keelhaul my parrot.

We ran out of energy in Angry Birds Go! Angry Birds Go

Just like Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, The Muppets, some Chocobos, Crash Bandicoot, Mickey Mouse, and a whole bunch of Lego men, the Angry Birds will appear in their very own go-kart game in December.

We got a chance to go hands-on with the game. And we found "$100 cars and energy systems and pay-for power-ups and multiple currencies and advertising".

This heavy-handed free-to-play monster - which "feels as much like a shop as it does an app, and as much like an advert for Hasbro toys as a game" - is out on December 11th.

We died and went to the samurai afterlife Skulls of the Shogun

iOS owners got a surprise treat this week, when lauded Windows 8 strategy game Skulls of the Shogun landed on the App Store.

You can read our review of the Windows edition here. And you can peruse our interview with 17-Bit's Jake Kazdal, who tells us about all the new features in this iOS edition (including cross-platform play with Steam gamers).

We chose Skulls of the Shogun as the top pick from the week's best iOS games (a list that also includes The Inner World, M.U.L.E. Returns, and Icycle: On Thin Ice). You can find the Android version of this digest here.

We filled our phones with cheap games we'll never play Black Friday

It was Black Friday in the US yesterday. According to the makers of some YouTube videos, it's a day when the American public beat up, trample, shoot, and kill one another for cut-price gadgets they don't really want.

It's pretty much the same on mobile, but with far fewer casualties. We can't just ignore a cheap game, though, can we? We must own it. You never know when you'll want to read eight different gamebooks!

Hopefully, some of the sales in our list of iOS and Android bargains will still be active by the time this weekly wrap-up goes out. Fingers crossed.

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