Nexus 7 unboxing

Licking Google's Jelly Bean baby

Nexus 7 unboxing

Americans got their Nexus 7s last week, but today was N-day for those of us who had pre-ordered Nexus 7 in the UK.

At least, the £159 8GB version of Asus' 7-inch beauty were delivered today. The bigger 16GB ones (£199) seem to be being shipped tomorrow.

Anyhow, as is de rigueur, if it comes in a box, it comes out of the box with photos every step of the way.

So here's our Nexus 7 unboxing.

Box with colourful slipcase

Box slipped out of colourful slipcase

Nexus 7 still in box

I hold the Nexus 7 in my trembling hand

What? It's another box

This is what was in that smaller box. Power cables, manuals and stuff

Back to the back of the Nexus 7

Wow. Nexus

Power and volume buttons

Speaker and USB port

Audio jack socket

It lives

It needs wifi

Hello Nexus 7! It now wants to call home to the Google mothership

It's calling home

Boring stuff

Where on earth?

Good to go with £15 to burn through

Lovely screen

Thickness comparison with Kindle Fire

Thickness comparison with BlackBerry PlayBook and Kindle Fire

Frontside comparison of PlayBook, Kindle Fire and Nexus 7

What's left... Won't anyone care about the boxes?

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